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Keyboard Carries With Them Four Keys To Success!

Keyboard Carries With Them Four Keys To Success!


Read about the keyboard for a while and give those keys a break!

1. The keyboard allows a person to enter a letter, number, and other symbols on the computer.


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2. It is the most-used input device in the computer.

Input device

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3. When you tap the spacebar, 600000 people in the world did just the same.

4. Fashion for keyboards -There has been a continuous trend for the last few years, especially in young generations, to enhance their laptop keyboards.

5. Using a keyboard for entering lots of data is called typing.


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6. A keyboard is connected to the computer using cable or wireless connections.


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7. Most keyboards have included a set of functions at the top (F1, F2).

8. The individual keys for the letter, numbers, and special characters are called character keys.

Character Keys

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9. The keyboard is divided into four sections-

  • Alphabetical keys
  • Functions keys
  • Cursor keys
  • Numeric keypad.
Sections of Keyboard

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Some additional special-purpose keys perform specialized functions. A pointing device used for inputting data is called Mouse.

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