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Khwaja Meer Dard Ji: The Sufi legend

Khwaja Meer Dard Ji: The Sufi legend



Khwaja Meer Dard ji, a Sufi poet, who scribbled magic on paper, like following:

“sair kar duniyā kī ġhāfil zindagānī phir kahāñ 

zindagī gar kuchh rahī to ye javānī phir kahāñ.”

Sounds beautiful, haina? Such was the Shayar, Khwaja Meer Dard Ji.

  1. Born in 1720, Khwaja Meet Dard Ji witnessed the invasions of Nadir Shah and Ahmad Shah Abdali.

  2. All his life, he was interested in music, both vocal and instrumental. He was fluent in Urdu, Persian, and Arabic.

  3. He was a mystic person. Though his mysticism was inherited from his father, it could also be due to the hardships and harsh conditions he faced due to the havoc in the outside world.

  4. During that era, there were 3 prominent poets: Mir Taqi Mir, Mirza Sauda, and Khwaja Meer Dard.

  5. Among the three, Khwaja Meer Dard was first and foremost a mystic, someone who leaves the physical world behind and turns to the spiritual world and regards this life as a term of exile from our real home.

  6. The secret behind his beautiful and spiritual poetry lies not in his mysticism but in his sheer talent to convert this mystic nature into poetry.

  7. Khwaja Meer Dard was the first person to write a mystical verse in Urdu.

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  8. If you’re still wondering what his poetry sounds like, head over to the given link and lose yourself in the mesmerizing words of Khwaja Meer Dard Ji.

  9. Over the years, he has done some remarkable work including, Ilm Ul Kitab, a 600+ page book on the philosophy of the Muhammadi Path, and Chahar Risalat, a collection of more than a thousand mystical aphorisms and sayings.

  10. An exceptional name in the world of shero-shayri, Khwaja Meer Dard Ji was laid to rest in a small graveyard inside Delhi near Turkoman Gate (now a slum area).

“tar-dāmanī pe shaiḳh hamārī na jā.iyo 

dāman nichoḌ deñ to farishte vazū kareñ.”

Daaammnn! Heart-touching. Right? Let us know your favourite lines by Khwaja Meer Ji in comments below.

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