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Gen-Z Noticed That Kisan Kanya Brought Colours To Indian Cinema

Gen-Z Noticed That Kisan Kanya Brought Colours To Indian Cinema

Kisan Kanya

Kisan Kanya was a 1937 Hindi Cinecolor printed movie, created by Moti B. Gidwani and financed by Ardeshir Irani of Imperial Pictures. It is naturally remembered as the first colored film.

Indian movies are acclaimed everywhere for their star fascination, quality, diversity and several more reasons. It is difficult to characterize a point where this journey began. Nonetheless, it is safeguarded to anticipate that Kisan Kanya was one of the many films that contributed to the growth of Indian Cinema.

The Story Of Kisan Kanya

  • The film was written by Saadat Hasan Manto, revolving around the predicament of herders. This perfectly catches how property managers abuse workers and herders.
  • Herders’ trouble has been a long-standing issue in India, a country that has experienced numerous starvations and dry seasons. The herder’s problems they face are significant to date.
Kisan Kanya

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  • Kisan Kanya, regardless of being a semi-hit in the box office, remains a groundbreaking innovation. How it set the craze for different advancements in the cine business. 
  • The film featured Padmadevi, Jillo, Ghulam Mohammed, Nissar, Syed Ahmed and Ghani.
kisan kanya

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 Did You Know?

  • Sairandhri was a film in 1933 that was made in colouring yet handled and imprinted in Germany.
  • V. Shantaram was the director of Sairandhri. 
Kisan Kanya

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 Landmark But Not Popular

  • The colour prints of Sairandhi weren’t satisfactory. They were also damaged due to the processing in Germany. 
  • Despite multiple failures, India finally put together our first coloured film on the big screen. Nonetheless, it didn’t appeal to the masses and a universal audience.
  • Thus, the evolution of satisfactory coloured films had to wait for 2 decades.
Kisan Kanya 1937 movie

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With technological advancements touching their peak, which retro movie have you watched and spot the difference between technicalities? Do let us know.

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