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The Story Of Nabhag And Lord Shiva’s Krishna Darshan Avatar

The Story Of Nabhag And Lord Shiva’s Krishna Darshan Avatar

Sarthak Mittal
Krishna Darshan Avatar

This blog covers a story behind the lesser-heard Avatar of Lord Shiva, the Krishna Darshan Avatar.

1. Once there was a King, named Nabhag. During his childhood, he left his home for Gurukul to complete his education.

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2. In his absence, his brothers acquired the wealth of the Kingdom and distributed it among themselves. When Nabhag came back, he demanded his share of the wealth.

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3. His brothers denied to give him his share and instead told him that, as he was absent at the time of distribution, he must go and meet the father instead.


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4. Nabhag went to his father. He asked and requested him for the same. His father advised him to go to sage Angiras, who was trying to fulfil a Yajna. Angiras was not able to complete it because of his attachments.

5. Nabhag helped Agniras to conclude the Yajna, through his religious knowledge, After being pleased by him, the sage gave Nabhag the remaining wealth after performing the Yajna.

6. At this time, Lord Shiva appeared, taking the form of Krishna Darshan Avatar, and He stopped the sage from donating the wealth to Nabhag, and instead, he staked his own claim.

7. Since the wealth was given to him by the sage himself, Nabhag told Krishan Darshan Avatar of Shiva that it naturally belongs to him.

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8. Krishan Darshan Avatar sent Nabhag to his father to know about his opinion. His father revealed that the person who was staking his claims on the wealth was none other than Lord Shiva.

9. The father further revealed that whatever remained after the fulfilment of Yajna belongs to Lord Shiva only. Nabhag came back to Shiva and worshipped him.

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