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kyuki har rang khaas hain!

kyuki har rang khaas hain!



Next time someone says ‘Rang de mohe laal’, ask them with what type of paint! Today we are going to talk about some different ‘types of paint’.


1) Oil Paint

      Oil Paints have white lead as a base.

      They applied in three coats. First was primer, second undercoat, and the third being overcoat.

      This paint is durable and affordable.

      This paint is used in walls, doors, windows, and meta; structures.


2) Enamel Paint

      Lead or zinc is added to varnish to make enamel paints.

      They provide durable and glossy coatings.

      This paint is waterproof and chemically resistant. It offers good coverage and colour retention.

      Generally used in exterior walls, doors, flooring, windows, stairs etc. 


3) Emulsion Paint

      As binding agents, it uses polyvinyl acetate and polystyrene. As driers, it uses cobalt and manganese.

      They are water and oil-based.

      It has characteristics like fast-drying, hardening and waterproof.

       This paint is used for interior walls, ceilings and masonry work and also sometimes woodwork.


4) Cement Paint

      Cement Paint is available in powder form. The base is white or coloured cement.

      It is durable and waterproof.

      But Cement Paint takes a long drying time(24 hours).


5) Bituminous Paint

      It is made from dissolved asphalt or tar, which gives it a characteristic black colour.

      It deteriorates when exposed to sunlight.

      They are commonly used in underwork ironworks, concrete foundations, wooden surfaces and iron pipes.

      It provides rust resistance.


6) Aluminium Paint

      Aluminium particles were mixed with oil varnish to make this paint.

      The characteristics are resistance to corrosion, electricity and weather exposure.

      They are commonly used for metals and wood. Specifically used on gas tanks, oil tanks, water pipes and radiators.


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7) Anti-Corrosive Paint

      Linseed oil, zinc chrome, and fine sand are used to make it.

      It is black, durable and affordable.

      As implied, by name, it is chemical resistance.


8) Synthetic Rubber Paint

      It is made from dissolved synthetic resins and can include pigments.

      They are of moderate cost, have chemical resistance, fast-drying, and weather resistance.

      It is for concrete surfaces in general.


9) Cellulose Paint

      It is produced from celluloid sheets, amyl acetate and photographic films.

      The surface can be easily cleaned once the paint is dry

      It is quick-drying, smooth finish, is water-resistant and resistant to smoke and acid.

      Generally used on cars and aeroplanes.


These are some types of paints among many, many types! Do tell us in the comment below the types of paint we missed!


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