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Laddoo se Chocolate laddoo tak ka safar!

Laddoo se Chocolate laddoo tak ka safar!



Diwali ho ya Holi ho ya Rakhi Mithai is a must, but god, what about the generation gap? when does the dialogue ‘hamare zamane me to aisa hota tha‘ stop? Bridging this gap between generations is Chocolate laddoos! The perfect blend of two generations. Let’s find out more about this delicious sweet. 

  1. Chocolate laddoo is the modern twist given to the traditional Indian sweet of laddoo.

  2. Laddoo is one such sweet that the earlier generation loves and cherishes.

  3. Chocolate, on the other hand, is a mouth-watering delicacy for children and the younger generation.

  4. Combining these two sweets closes the generation gap as it is a merger of the tastes of both generations.

  5. If you’re curious about this sweet, then you can try the recipe at home. Click on the given link for the recipe.


What are you waiting for now? If you haven’t tried this delicious sweet yet, then go ahead and either order it or make it at the convenience of your home. Apne parents ko khilao and make them realize ki chocolate can also be good! This sweet is the connection of two generations. Unlike the remixes of the old songs, this sweet has proven to be the ultimate source of bridging the generation gap. 

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