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Lala Madhav Ram Jauhar Ji Ki Effortless Aur Deep Shayari

Lala Madhav Ram Jauhar Ji Ki Effortless Aur Deep Shayari


And when you hear him say the words of Lala Madhav Ram Jauhar Ji, know that Mehfil has just turned interesting!

“bhaanp hi lenge ishara sar-e-mehfil jo kiya

taadne wale qayamat ki nazar rakhte hain.”

Dodge yourself into endearing human emotions and sensations with some of our favourite 2-liners by Lala Madhav Ram Jauhar Ji:

1. khoob-ru hai saikdon lekin nahi tera jawab  

dilrubaai mein ada mein naaz mein andaz mein

Thousands are beautiful, but none compare to you

(in) captivating with elegance, pride, and style.

2. jo dost hai vo maangtein hai sulah ki dua 

dushman ye chahte hai ki aapas mein jang ho

In a true friendship, a friend always prays for peace.

While an enemy always asks for war.

3. naa vo surat dikhatein hai naa milte hai galein aa kar

naa ankhein shaad hoti hai na dil masroor hota hai

Neither does she show her face, nor does she come and hug.

Neither the heart nor the eyes are happy.

4. mohabbat ko chupaaye laakh koi chhup nahi sakti

ye wo afsana hai jo be-kahe mashhur hota hai

Love is a tale that cannot be hidden.

It is a story that is famous without any utterance.

5. naa mangiye jo khuda se to mangiye kis se 

jo de raha hai usi se sawal hota hai

If not from God, then from whom to ask.

The question is made to the one who provides.

6. gairon se to fursat tumhe din-raat nahi hai 

haan mere liye waqt-e-mulakaat nahi hai

You have time to meet strangers, day-to-night.

Yes, you do not have time to meet me.

7. ladne ko dil jo chaahe to ankhein ladaaye

See Also

ho jang bhi agar to mazedar jang ho

If you want to fight, use your eyes.

Even if there is a fight, let it be joyful.

8. nala-e-bulbul-e-shaida to suna hans hans kar

ab jigar thaam ke baitho meri baari aai

You listened to the crying of the nightingale for love.

Now behold! My turn has come.

9. chup raho kyun mizaaj puchte ho

ham jiyein ya marein tumhein kya hai

Keep quiet, why do you inquire about my nature?

What does it matter to you if I live or die?

The Shayari of Lala Madhav Ram Jauhar Ji makes you wonder about the little things in life, be it friendship or love. Check out another one below, and try to translate it in the comments below:

“dost do-char nikaltein hai kahin lakhon mein

jitne hote hai sivaa utne hi kam hote hain!”

*Hint: “sivaa” means “but”

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