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Laptop Toh Hoga Hi? Ever Wondered About Its Story?

Laptop Toh Hoga Hi? Ever Wondered About Its Story?



Nowadays, the laptop has become the most favourable device to own, and it is used by all age groups. In fact, it has become obvious to own one.



“BUT! Ye chalta-firta portable computer kisne bnane ka socha? What is its story?” If yes, then “Come With Me,” and discover all you need to know about a Laptop.



1. Why a laptop?

      It was never easy for a computer user to sit for long hours and work.

      It became messy with time because of too many long and round wires lying on the floor.



2. “Iss rishte ko kya naam doon?”

      The laptop received its name due to the way it is used.

      The device is called so, as it can easily be used by keeping it on “top of the lap.”



3. 1968

      In 1968, Alan Kay came up with the idea of a laptop.

      He developed a gadget called DYNABOOK, but it was never available to the public.



4. 1975

      The year that marked the beginning of portable computers, IBM 500 was open to the public.

      It displayed 1024 characters on its 5-inch screen, weighing 24kgs.



5. First “True” Laptop, jisne badal di sabki Duniya

      Adam Osborne founded the first portable 5-inch screen computer, Osbornes I, in 1981.

      At $1,795, this laptop weighed 12kg and was considered heavy to carry, compared to today’s laptop.

      Holding a mere 64KB RAM, its keyboard had 58 alphanumeric keys and 11 numeric keys (in separate blocks).

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6. After 1983

      Various portable computers were invented with upgraded versions of laptops.

      IBM introduced its first laptop, PC Convertible.

      In 1987, the US Air Force ordered nearly 2,00,000 laptops. Additionally, Hewlett-Packard released the Vectra Portable CS along with a floppy disk drive.



7. Top 3 expensive laptops in the world

      MJ’S Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook cost $3.5 million

      Luvaglio Laptops–$1 Million

      Tulip E-GO Diamond–$355,000



Hats off to all the laptop creators who worked so hard to make your work simpler and magical. But we still wonder if Luvaglio Laptops are even usable with all the gold & platinum? “Technical babaji ki jai ho.”

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