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“Lava Lamps?” Well, Crazy Combination Needs A Crazy Customers

“Lava Lamps?” Well, Crazy Combination Needs A Crazy Customers

Lava Lamps

Have you at any point needed to buy Lava Lamps? One of the fun-filled lamps & lights you’ve found in the cinemas!

It might seem like one of the lights that just needs to be switched on & off at times, but there’s more to these elegant chandeliers:

  1. Original Name Of Lava Lamps…
  • Lava Lamps were famously known for ‘Astro Globe’ and then ‘Lava lite Lamps’ in the US.
  • But gradually, it transitioned to something we know now. The reason may be Laziness.
Lava Lamps

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  1. When Was Lava Lamp Invented…
  • The Lava Lamp was developed in 1948 by an English man named Edward Craven Walker. 
  • He was animated by an egg clock in a bar made of a drink shaker loaded up with weird-looking fluids rising on a burner.
  •  It took Craven Walker 15 years to obtain his plan.
Edward Craven Walker

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  1. Interesting Facts About Lava Lamp…
  • Two Lava Lamps are never similar.
  • Walker realized he had “made it” when he heard that Ringo Starr bought it.
  • The lights were initially planned to be an extravagant thing before hippies got it as a psychotic garnish.
Ringo Starr

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  1. The Craze From Cinemas…
  • The Lava Lamp premiered on Dr Who during the 1960s. 
  • Transactions of the Lava Lamp shrunk in the last part of the 1970s. Yet it encountered a rebirth during the 90s after the Austin Powers films were delivered. 
  • There are Lamps on an endless presentation in the Smithsonian.
Astro Globe facts

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  1. The Biggest Lava Lamp…
  • The Biggest Lava lamp that exists is four feet tall and holds ten gallons of magma!
Biggest Lava Lamps

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  1. How Costly?
  • The most costly lava lamp was sold at a whopping price of $15,000.
  • Wait. We will do the Maths: Rs. 11 lakhs only
  1. Is It Even LEGAL To Buy Lava Lamps…!
  • Lamps were banned for a few years due to the toxic gases they left off in the atmosphere.
  • But, it is being sold right now, and it is legal. Grab a deal on Lava Lamps soon at your convenient online stores!

Well, we hope now you are all ready to decide whether or not to get these fun, graceful and stylish Lava Lamps!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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