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“Lawyers Go On A Strike!? Leyo Didi, Ab Toh Tareek Pe Tareek Bhi Ni Khel Payenge!”

“Lawyers Go On A Strike!? Leyo Didi, Ab Toh Tareek Pe Tareek Bhi Ni Khel Payenge!”

lawyers go on a strike

Has it ever crossed your mind what can happen if Lawyers go on a strike in India! This is the right time to revisit the dialogue from Jolly LLB 2:

“Sava-sau crore (125 Crore) abaadi waale iss mulk mein sirf ikiss-hazar (21000) judge Hain… sadhe teen crore (3.5 Crore) se zyada cases humare courts mein pending hai…”


Neither the Court & Judge nor the judiciary can function without lawyers! The legal systems are here to protect, establish, modify and even remove any trouble that’s faced by the people of the society. They must ensure peace and order with the laws in place in the country’s arrangement or system.

So, can lawyers go on a strike and what can happen if they do so? Let’s know:

To understand what can happen if lawyers go on a strike, let’s firstly, let’s know what it means when one utters the word, “Strike”?

  • The strike can be referred to as refusal to work following a disagreement with an employer over the wage rate, job loss or working conditions. 
  • Generally speaking, a strike is an effective weapon to resolve employers or business leaders’ arguments or complaints using labour/other organisations/employees.

Can Lawyers Go On A Strike?

  • Right to strike is a base effect bestowed on a group of people who maintain a shared interest.
  • One of the saddest issues in the legal profession is that lawyers are entitled to strike.
  • The Supreme Court and the High Court have explicitly indicated that the strike by the lawyer is unlawful.
  • Accordingly, the needed measures are taken to curb the growing practice.

What function does the Bar Council of India (BCI) perform if the lawyers go on a strike?

See Also

  • The BCI or Bar Council of India has developed rules on professional labels.
  • The defence attorneys must comply with the laws of the court and client to fulfil their duties.
  • The courts have consistently asked BCI that it must not join in the action if the lawyers go on a strike (As they have the right to do so).
Bar Council of India

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To conclude, we shall continue & complete that dialogue from Jolly LLB 2:

“…lekin fir bhi jab kabhi is desh mein do logon ke beech kisi baat pe koi viwaad hota hai, toh aadmi ek dusre se kya kehta hai?? I Will See You In Court…!”

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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