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“Legal Notice…?? Abba’ Ye Kya Notice Kar Liya Maine! Ye Kya Hai?”

“Legal Notice…?? Abba’ Ye Kya Notice Kar Liya Maine! Ye Kya Hai?”

legal notice

Legal Notice? Arre, simple toh hai chacha…

“Acha! Toh Seedhi Bhasha Mein Batao Fir Legal Notice Hota Kya Hai?”

  • A legal notice is an agreement between the two parties that helps to save the amount of time, energy and resources ordinarily spent in court cases.
  • Until the person/organisation has been informed that they are expected before the court, no civil action is possible.
legal notice
  • This information in judicial terms is sent to the person/organisation in the form of a legal notice.
  • Therefore, a legal notice is a written notice to an individual/agency that tells them about the intentions of party-A to take legal action against party B
judicial system

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“Legal Notice Zaruri Kyu Hai Par??”

  • Legal notice can often settle things outside the courtroom (where things turn more serious).
  • Depending on the type of conflict between the two parties, the receiver of a legal notice might respond to the situation more promptly and sincerely.
  • An individual can easily explain his case in a lawsuit with the assistance of a lawyer.
  • The recipient of the legal notice, i.e. the opponent, is presented with an opportunity to settle the matters warmly (away from legal proceedings).
  • The recipient is reminded of his/her behaviour that led the sender to encounter an issue purposely or accidentally.


“Beta, Waise Toh Chacha Vidhyak Hai Tumhare, Par GK Ke Liye…Banta Kaise Hai Ye Legal Notice?”

  • A legal notice is either a self-written note or is made with the help of a lawyer.
  • Notification should be sent to the person against whom the complaint is filed
legal notice

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  • Identify the justification for making/sending the notice. Mention the previous communication concerning the causes that led to issuing “this” note.
  • Provide the addressee with an adequate time to consent to the notice or step forward to fix the problem within 30 or 60 days.
self-written note

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  • Offer time to inform you or answer your request.
  • Make sure that you send the notice by registered mail.
  • Keep a copy of the receipt and notification from the post office.
  • Without a prosecutor, you may personally send the legal notice. Nevertheless, it is advised that it is neatly written. Ensure that it is not long and contains all the necessary content.
  • We generally do not realise the legal importance of the standard terminology and the context in which we use them sometimes. Thus, you should be vigilant when drafting your legal notice. Take the help of a lawyer to be sure of things. Ensure that the word used is not acknowledged before the court of law.
legal notice

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Toh chacha, now you know that a legal notice is a legal text drawn up by a council representing its user.

Acha, ek aur cheez–

While it is not mandatory to include a legal notice in all cases until the dispute is filed. But, in all legal proceedings, a legal notice is still treated as a crucial paper.

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