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Alphabetically Ordered LGBT+ Terminologies That Every Human Must Know!

Alphabetically Ordered LGBT+ Terminologies That Every Human Must Know!


This blog explores the LGBT+ Terminologies that every person who is curious about people and self, must know about. LGBT+ is an umbrella term for four “not-so-common” words: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. So, LGBT+ Terminologies would a perfect be a perfect piece of knowledge to clear all our stereotype about them.

“When you are doing something that is right, you just do it and take care…Someone has to do this.” — Alice Nkom

“Hum jaise hai, waise hi rahenge.”

“LGBT hai toh kya gham hai tumhe?”

“Aj ki charcha LGBT ke naam!”

“Hum toh hai aise hi, tenu ki?”


  • Ally-A community or person supporting another LGTB community members, emotionally and mentally, to achieve a mutual goal.
  • Asexual-The person who does not have any sexual desires or interest in any sexual activity. It is further divided into Gray-sexual and Demi-sexual.
  • Autosexual-The person who loves and is completely satisfied with all its angles, fantasizing about their looks and naked bodies in the mirror.
  • Agender-The person who does not consider himself/herself to have any particular gender. 
  •  Androgynous-A person who carries characteristics of both male and female characteristics. Gender distinction is not easy here.

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  • Bisexual-When a person is attracted romantically, sexually, or behaviour-wise towards more than one gender.
  • Binding-When someone tries to flat breasts to look more like a masculine person.
  • Bicurious-The person who is curious to have a sexual relationship with a person of the same gender.
  • Butch-When an individual identifies as having masculine-characteristics in terms of appearance, physical, mental or emotional traits.
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  •  Cisgender-A person who is comfortable with the gender identity he/she was assigned at the time of birth.
  •  Coming out-When a person discloses their own sexual orientation to others.

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  • Discrimination-When one starts differentiating people based on characteristics like race, religion, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Drag-When someone performs in theatres by dressing in gendered clothes.
  • Drag Queen-When a person shows off a femininity-role on stage (often done by a man).
  • Drag King-When someone shows off a masculinity-role on stage (usually done by a woman).


  • Fag Han-A feminine who is socially active and prefer to spend good-time with gay men.
  • Femme-When a lesbian express and behaves like a feminine.
  • FTM-Female To Male Transgender.

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  • Gay-When a male-gender gets attracted to another male.
  • Gender Binary- Culturally accepting the presence of only two genders: male and female.
  • Gender Cues-Some clues like the body type, hairstyle and dress type, used in differentiating the gender/sex.
  • Genderqueer-A person who identifies with neither male nor female or a blend of both.

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  • Heteroflexible-A person who is commonly straight but also gets attracted towards the same gender.
  • Homoflexible-A person who identifies as a heterosexual but also gets attracted to the opposite gender.
  • Homophobia-A person who has a dislike or feels uncomfortable with gay, lesbian or bisexual people.



  • Lesbian-A woman who is primarily attracted sexually and emotionally to another woman.
  • Lesbophobia-The person who goes against the lesbian gender.

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  • MTF-Male To Female Transgender.
  • Misogyny-A hatred or dislike against women and girls.

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  • Pansexual-The person who goes beyond limitation and experience sexual attraction to all sex and gender identities.
  • Preferred Gender Pronoun (PGP)-A set of pronouns used when talking to an individual (like I, you, she, her, he, him and it). 
  • Pre-Op-The time before surgery or the person who has not gone through any surgical procedures.
  • Post-Op-The time after surgery or the person who has gone through some surgical procedures.


  • QTPOC and QTWOC-Queer & Trans People of Color and Queer & Trans Women of Color.
  • Queer-A common term referred to all LGTB+ people.


  • Straight-Another term used for heterosexuals.
  • Stud-Term for masculine lesbian in African-American communities.

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  • Transgender-Also known as trans; gender is different from what it was during birth.
  • Transphobia-Feeling of hatred or dislike towards transgenders.


  • Ze/Hir- Another pronoun used for gender-neutral that replaces he/she and his/her.

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We hope the above blog has made you aware of the LGBT+ Terminologies and LGBT+ community, but the more you explore, the more terms would you find.

So, never stop exploring and “Make each moment a memorable pride moment.”

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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