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Life Of An Aviator: Mai, Meri Pilot Journey Aur Kalam

Life Of An Aviator: Mai, Meri Pilot Journey Aur Kalam



Pilot Autobiography and Biography (Life of An Aviator) is picked by a specific group of readers: aspirants of the air force, bibliophiles, explorers or those who love reading life-writings. Aviators or Pilots are indeed the rulers of the sky. Know about their daring life stories in this blog.



Aao jaane, kuch aasmaan se baatein karte huyein pilot or unki daastan:



1. Born to Fly

      This one is an inspiring biography of the fighter pilot MP Anil Kumar written by Nitin Sathe.

      Life of an aviator, Anil Kumar, this book talks about the pilot who decided to not become friendly with a wheelchair any more and fight with destiny to achieve his dream. He is unstoppable as he gives himself a second life by becoming a pilot as a quadriplegic. Appointed as MiG 21pilot in Indian Air Force, the journey is inspiring.

      Amazon Price: Rs 284.


2. The Kargil Girl

      Life of an aviator, Gunjan Saxena. It is an autobiography (by Gunjan Saxena and Kiran Nirvan).

      Reminding some numbers like the year 1994, 24-years-old, 74 weeks of hardcore training in Air Force Academy in Dundigal, Gunjan Saxena, also known as, The Kargil Girl, becoming the first female pilot, selected for the Kargil-War in 1999.

      Amazon Price: Rs 218


3. Fly Girls

      The author Keith O ‘Brien unfolds the story of 5 young women in his biography.

      The story revolves around the 1900s. The story is about the struggles that women have undergone in the world functioning on patriarchy. But, something victorious happened between the 1920s and 1930s. What? Well, you need to read this biography for that. If you wish to become like one of those 5 pioneering aviators, then this one is must explore then!

      Amazon Price: Rs 904.


4. Yeager

      American hero, General Chuck Yeager, is a lively person. For him, flying is not just his passion, but life.

      Known to be the speedy man, he became the fastest ace (flying faster than the speed of sound). He was also the World War II warrior who shot down many rival-planes. He followed the basic funda throughout his life for his country: DO OR DIE.

      Amazon Price: Rs 657


5. Race of Aces

      The book is written by John R Bruning.

      Flying Fighter Pilot is one of the riskiest professions. The real story is set out in 1942 when five of the deadliest American fighters fight for their country.

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      Amazon Price: Rs 1,200


6. Fighter Pilot

      The World War 2 warrior Robin Olds was a known football player in his college days. Fully determined and committed, he challenged his juniors to teach aviation skills because he will lead them one day. Was this very young fighter squadron commander successful in leading them?

      Amazon Price: Rs. 1, 113


7. Shot Down

       Ever most courageous group of 10 men whose plane was shot down by German rivals. Each of them had different experiences to share as some were captivated, some martyred, some were successfully escaped to England. This goosebumps and a surprising book, authored by one of the bomber crews’ son, is a must-read aviation book.

      Amazon Price: Rs. 1,495 (Paperback)



“Jab plane ko farak nai padta ki usey kaun udda raha hai toh tumhe kyun padta hai?”



So what are you thinking about? Buckle-up, drink up motivation with each read and then, get ready to spread your wings! Fly!

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