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Lip Care Routine To Keep Your Rosy Lips Ever-Happy

Lip Care Routine To Keep Your Rosy Lips Ever-Happy


Lip Care is a significant part of every health and beauty routine. Make your lips hydrated and soft in the following simple steps:


Step 1: If you have any makeup on, take it off with a mild makeup removal wipe. This will help in taking off all the products without rubbing your skin rough or any irritation of a scratchy towel.

Step 2: Exfoliate is the second step for lip care. Exfoliation is pivotal in helping the lips become soft, smooth, and supple. Products such as EcoLips and Organic Lip Scrub, contain natural ingredients like sugar, which will help you to scrub off all of the dead skin cells from your lips. Only exfoliate once a week to prevent brittleness and dry skin.

Step 3: Apply some moisturizing lip application on your lips. You will see a natural effect of lip scrub is dry lips and nobody wants that! So, rub and let your lips absorb the balm, before applying another product to get the most effective hydration. For the best moisturizing outcome look for lip balms with sunflower or almond base oils.

Step 4: Protection is the last and most essential step for lip care routine. Your lips are, most often than not, exposed to sun and wind damage! Protect them with a lip balm. Carry at least SPF 15 to avoid harmful UV rays.

And Voila! Here you get done with your beautiful, healthy lips! Now, get out there and #KissTheWorld!


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Here are a few more “lip-good-tips”:

1.    Do not pick at your lips. This will only lead them to bleed, dry-out more and cause you discomfort! Instead, apply a moisturizing lip balm and let the magic happen.

2.    Do not lick your dry lips. Licking your lips might give temporary relief, but it does much more harm than good as soon your lips will get drier. Try spreading some Aloe over them to see the most effective healing technique in action.

3.    Look at your lip balm label. Lip balms with ingredients such as methylparaben have possible links to cancer. For the best results, look for such a lip balm that contains all-natural ingredients and essential oils.

These are all the some of the ways, you can take care of your lips!

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