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Lip Gloss For A Matte-finish But A Tincture Of Shine!

Lip Gloss For A Matte-finish But A Tincture Of Shine!


If you think lip gloss is just a synonym for lip balm or even lipstick, then oh boy! You are mistaken!


Lip balms are usually for medical use, and lipsticks are mostly solid, for giving some shade to your soft lips. Lip gloss was made to provide lustre to your pigmented or natural lip-shade. It is the best lip-product to carry if you want something between Lakme Lipstick and Vaseline.


Following is what you need to know about Lip Gloss:


1.    Lip gloss gives lips a glossy touch, highlighting the beauty of your lips.

2.    It helps to get rid of dull lips.

3.    Lip gloss is efficient to add a decent shine to your lips.

4.    It is unique, versatile and looks beautiful on any visage/face.

5.    Lip gloss can be used to hydrate or moisturize your lips as a part of the makeup.

6.    During winters, lip gloss prevents dryness and chapped lips.

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7.    Lip gloss is handy and easy to reapply.

8.    Lip gloss makes your lips appealing as it comes in as much vibrant colours and sparkles as any other lipstick.


All-in-all, Lip gloss is a must to give your pout a soft and lively quality! Moreover, it comes in an array of shades, styles, and forms, from opaque to translucent, thus giving you millions of options to choose from!


They give your lips an appealing quality. So, if you haven't tried some already, then we encourage you to try a few soon!

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