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Lobster Ice Cream

Lobster Ice Cream


Ice cream with butter flavour is known as lobster ice cream. A local lobster pound sells cooked lobster meat, which chops up butter and folds into the ice cream. Hundreds of people sample this ice cream daily during peak season and it is one of our most popular items for shipping. Why does it sound like shit to me?

  • The idea of lobster-flavoured ice cream may not evoke much excitement in an era when charcoal black ice cream is as common as rocky road.
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  • In 1988, however, putting seafood in ice cream was nothing short of extreme.

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  • In Bar Harbor, Maine, one sweet shop claims to be the first to pair seafood with delicious frozen dairy a tradition that carries on into summer 2017, when lobster ice cream is served alongside blueberry fudge and sticky taffy at an old-fashioned tourist shop.

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  • In 1988, lobster ice cream made its triumphant (and cheeky) debut at Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium after a customer visited the shop and noted that it did not offer lobster ice cream. 
  • The manager at the time, Bill Coggins (the Bill in the shop’s name), replied Come back tomorrow for the legend of the ice cream’s conception was born.
  • Ben & Bill’s manager Roy Gott said via email that while the story may be apocryphal, it is true to the nature of the manager at the time. He was too busy making lobster ice cream during high tourist season to pick up the telephone. Gott believes Coggins wasn’t aware there was anyone else making lobster ice cream at the time and noted that no one else is capable of doing this today.
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  • Located in Bar Harbor and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Ben & Bill’s serves lobster ice cream.
  • Its recipe is fairly simple, Gott said. It combines vanilla ice cream with lobster meat in a buttery sauce.
  • Today’s batches of sea ice cream include quite a bit more lobster meat than the original batch (mostly claw and knuckle) in each two-gallon bucket of ice cream. Over 100 buckets are sold at the store every year.
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It’s funny, I am complaining about lobster ice cream but still not pleased with it. However, if you are brave enough, you can surely try it.

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