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Loganberry Ice Cream For Those Who Wanna Try Kuchh Naya!

Loganberry Ice Cream For Those Who Wanna Try Kuchh Naya!



So today, we brought to you loganberry ice cream, as we thought, “aaj kuch naya karte hai!”



Do you remember some of the berries you have found in your ice cream? I remember eating ice creams with strawberries, blackberries, blueberries but never loganberry ice cream! Right? So, let’s try to find about it below:



1) What is loganberry?

Loganberries evolved when raspberries and blackberries crossed. Large, cone-shaped dark red berries with rich, tart flavour grow on these trees. They can be eaten raw but often turn up in a jam, summer pudding, pies, compotes and icecreams!


2) Where is loganberry ice cream available?

      Lake Effects Ice Cream

      Hertel Avenue Poutine and Cream



3) What are the ingredients used in loganberry ice cream?

      (750 g) fresh ripe loganberries

      (500 ml) fresh double cream for whipping

      one can condensed milk


4) What equipments will you need to make loganberry ice cream?

      three large containers in which to prepare the ingredients

      Nylon sieve

See Also

      Whisk: manual or electric


      Large freezer-proof container



5) Is loganberry ice cream available in India?

In our search, we found no ice creams with loganberry flavour in India! If you know any place that serves it- do comment it down!

6) To see more pictures, follow #loganberryicecream. You can find reviews and many images!



Try out this new recipe and tell us what you think about it! Does it taste good?

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