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Loose Powder Tips & Tricks To Make The Best Use Of It

Loose Powder Tips & Tricks To Make The Best Use Of It


Loose Powder is used to blot oil and control shine. It does not serve to provide any additional coverage or colour.

Below are 10 ways to use loose powder.

1. Wear it alone

When worn alone, Loose Powder can mattify oily T-zone and smoothen the pores, lines, and wrinkles. The translucent powder doesn't serve to cover up spots.

2. Set your foundation

After applying the foundation, application of loose powder can seal the moist texture of the foundation, making it last longer.

3. Plump up your lashes

Before mascara application, dust some loose powder over your lashes. After using the first coat of mascara, dust some loose powder again. Alternate the process till you reach your fancied level of fluffiness! Just make sure that the first coat of mascara is light wet, so the loose powder adheres to it.

4. Apply it over your lids

Primer application, dust your eyelids slightly with some loose powder, to protect the eyeshadow from oily slips and slides.

5. Long-lasting eyeliner

Dust some translucent powder on the lid as a base. Later as an extra layer for finishing, before and after applying eyeliner along with the upper lash line. “It keeps the pencil from smudging into the crease when you open your eyes,” McGrath says. The same also goes for liquid or gel eyeliners!

6. Baking

Baking includes coating a cream product with a substantial amount of powder. Use a wedge sponge and cover with generous layers of loose powder to the highlighted sections.

7. Fix any harsh mistakes

If you've applied too much blush or highlighter, simply dust over the area with loose powder to take some colour away and tone it down. It also makes the surface appear smoother and natural.

8. Make any lipstick last longer

  1. After applying the first coat of lipstick, take a tissue and pull it apart to only one ply.

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  2. Grab a feathery brush and dip it into loose powder.

  3. Take the one-ply tissue, place it over your lips and with the other hand, pat the loose powder over the tissue.

9. Dry shampoo

  1. Loose powder is an outstanding substitute for dry shampoo or even baking soda since it is much more finely milled.

  2. Dust a pinch of translucent powder to the roots of your hair to absorb any oiliness.

  3. Rub it well to ensure no particles (of powder) are left behind. You'd be rewarded with clean, fresh-looking and voluminous hair.

10. Blend your eyeshadows

  1. When you're stuck, and it seems like your eye makeup is going to be a total flop, don't worry!

  2. Take some amount of loose powder on your blending brush. Blend it over the colour.

Now, the next time you pick up the loose powder, you know all the tips to make the best use of it. Which one did you like the most?

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