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Love Story Of Green Tea Chocolate, Cause Opposites Attract!

Love Story Of Green Tea Chocolate, Cause Opposites Attract!



Green Tea Chocolate” is a love story of two elements, Tea and Chocolate, that no one thought could end up together!



Green Tea Chocolate vo jabra-jodi hai jo Cadbury Silk se bhi mehengi hai! So basically, it’s a high society romance. So, without delay now! Come, let us dive into the story of these two:



1) Dekho har kahani ki shuruvaat hoti hai jab kisi ka kat-ta hai!

So our first step is to chop the White Chocolate.



2) Kitna bhi kat-te pighalna toh sab ko hota hai!

So, now, the White Chocolate gets heated and melted.



3) Ab dekho aag lagi hai toh thode ghee ki zarurat laazmi hai!

So the butter is added to the melted White Chocolate (to turn it into Green Tea Chocolate).



4) Har love story me mel-milaap toh hona hi hota hai.

All the ingredients are made to meet each other to mix.



5) Ab aayi ghadi milan ki!

Add the Green Tea Matcha Powder to the Chocolate and see the love blooming into green!



6) Dekho har love story ka staple hai intezaar!

So let it freeze.



7) Ye milan ho shayad aap ke liye faydemand as the Green Tea Chocolate has beneficial antioxidants which are great for your skin!

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8) Zaruri nahi na ki har love story khud banaye. Kuch ka sirf sunke luft uthana chahiye. And in this case, khaake!

So here are some brands serving this delight!

       Amul Green Tea Chocolate

      The Belgian NSA Bar Dark with green tea

      Nestle KitKat Matcha Green Tea



For a more precise recipe, click here!



Like Shahrukh Khan said, “Kahani abhi baaki hai mere dost!” So, from here, the plot of this Green Tea Chocolate love story is in your hands.



Try this delightful Green Tea Chocolate, and tell us in the comment section below your experience!

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