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Luxurious Lip Balms To Treat Your Lips Better

Luxurious Lip Balms To Treat Your Lips Better


A quality Lip Balm is what you need each time you wish to have a pout-ready selfie!

Our editors have collected for you the list of best luxurious Lip-Balms in the market to treat your lips better!

1. DIOR:

a. Cost: £24.

b. This one makes your lips look plumper, pinker and brighter.

c. It will give you baby pink finish, the bullet packaging, and it coats your lips with a smooth, waxy/gel hydrating consistency.

2. Jo Malone:

a. Cost: £23.

b. It is one of those easy lip balms that you generally find yourself throwing into your handbag as you rush out of the door.

c. It has a honey scent and a silky and hydrating texture. 

3. Burberry:

a. Cost: £25.

b. Blueberry is lighter, hydrating and therefore glides onto the lips so flawlessly.

4. Chanel Hydra Beauty Nourishing Care:

a. Cost: £30.

b. This Lip Balm has a beautiful scent and the slick packaging of the white on black on white.

c. It adds shine to the lips without any colour.

5. Hourglass:

a. Cost: £32.

b. Hourglass has a 24kt gold tip as gold is antibacterial. This is a luxurious lip-balm with a slightly thicker liquid consistency.

c. The aim of this Balm is to treat your lips with improvisation in texture, with a shiny coating. 

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6. Terry's Baume de Rose:

a. Cost: £39.

b. It brightens your lip colour. Also, its waxy texture leaves a hydrating coating on lips.

7. Guerlain D’Enfer Maxi Shines:

a. Cost: £23.

b. This Lip-Balm is non-sticky, gives a cute plump to your lips, and adds a simple shine to your lips.

8. Clarins:

a. Cost: £23.

b. It has the most delicious fragrance of Raspberry ripple ice cream comes to mind from the scent and the bright pink colouring of the raspberry edition.

Be it dry lips or a desire to have some decent shine to your lips, the quality of Lip Balm is what matters to keep it both healthy and cute!

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