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“Making Online Friends Through Gaming” Is Not Just A Gen-Z Thing

“Making Online Friends Through Gaming” Is Not Just A Gen-Z Thing


Making online friends isn’t just a Gen-Z thing now. Being a 2020 Gen-Z, one has seen that when there’s a lockdown and curfew, entertainment sources like online games can make a big difference in the mental space. Adding on to that, what about making online friends and chill at the same time? Not a bad deal for a while, right?

So, if you are into the world of online gaming, here are the social skills required in making online friends. Follow these steps to reach your final destination.

  1. Seek Common Interest –
  • While making friends through gaming, one must discover the kind of interests one has.
  •  Say, if you are an anime fan, would it not be perfect if you get the same geek in anime as you are? So, you must explore the world of anime games.
  • Once in it, be clear about what you seek in your online friend while conversing. Again, interests! Think about how we used to make friends back in our school childhood. It was something like:

‘Do you like SPD?’

‘I love that too.’




  1. Be Vocal –
  • If you are a gamer and play certain team-effort video games regularly, chat and talk to your teammates.
  • Just like staying in your closet would not make you an outgoing person, in the same way, playing games and not being vocal about it would land you nowhere. 
Be vocal

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  1. Know how to start a conversation –
  • Saying nice things about another person can get your attention and give rise to a more positive personality. 
  • It is essential to know how to start a conversation. If you like something about the other person, compliment them. 
  • Make sure to not sound like a creep. There are already a lot of them.
  1. Get a conversation going –
  • If you find yourself in a regular and gradual conversation with a person while gaming, ask them if they wish to talk outside the game.
  • Discord is the first and ultimate destination for many gamers.
  • Once on loop, keeping it real and simple would work wonders.
  1. Be witty but not cringe –
  • Having a good sense of humour is a virtue. You would always be loved and wanted if you can make people laugh. It comes naturally rather than made usually.
  • When one tries to be funny, the cringe quotient then comes to play. Look out for it.
  1. Share things but not vulnerability
  • Telling a lot about oneself to another person whom you have met online can be overwhelming.
  • This is like going to a gym: you are not made to start with 50kg. There is progressive overload. In the same way, this skill must be learnt.
  • If you are just in contact due to your interests in the same game, try not to make it personal unless you both get along well and desire to know more. If you sense so (depending on the person you are communicating with), you can be direct or begin by asking about hobbies.
  1. Make your companion comfortable
  • Probably the most annoying setback of making friends online is that you’ve just got to know the person virtually or just probably see them during a video call.
  • It becomes the responsibility of both to make each other comfortable. Moreover, it is necessary to not force ideas and things on each other.
  1. Listening to your friend –
  • We generally don’t realise how important it is. Listening skills are of utmost importance in every relationship (be it between online gamers or a brother, sister, friend, love interest).
  • While making online friends, one needs to understand and interpret things sensibly. Also, do not take anything to heart if the contact is still pretty new.


  1. Positive Outlook –
  •  Most heroic skills come at last, right? The world is filled with negative people and thoughts, so it’s essential to give away hope and positivity whenever you can.
  • Even if it is online and you are into a video game, think, “How can I make a difference? What makes me unique?”
  • Well, having a positive outlook can make things easier for you in making online friends.
Attitude is everything

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In a world full of hatred, be a gamer that people love, not forsaken.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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