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Making up after a conflict: Ladai Ladai Maaf Karo!

Making up after a conflict: Ladai Ladai Maaf Karo!


The love two people share is so much more than their stupid conflicts. Being in love with the right person brings out the best in you. But ladai to normal hai na ? Sab ladte hai yaar, ab how to tell boys ki girls are always right? Okay, jokes apart! Making up after a conflict is necessary for the long run. There has to be something more you can do apart from making the reel turning things he said in an argument into inspirational quotes’ Don’t worry, I made it too! Haha! Let’s find out!

  1. Write your feelings. Speaking may not always be best. Writing is meditative. Make them understand your side of the story.

  2. Make sure that during the conflict and after it, your partner knows that you still love them. Keep aside your ego and say I love you.

  3. Take time to understand their perspective and then respond to it. It’s not you versus your partner. It’s both of you versus the problem.

  4. Make them feel special, write them a note, or apologize for your part in the conflict. Cook or get something delivered to your partner’s house. Food always works miracles!

  5. If you feel that your partner is angry or hurt, give them space to clear their head and cool off.

  6. Don’t hold any grudges or pretend the conflict didn’t happen. Make sure to close the chapter before moving further.

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  7. Plan a date and talk about your feelings face to face.

  8. Although a date in a long-distance relationship might be difficult but not impossible, plan a virtual date, watch a movie together on Netflix.

  9. You need to own your mistake or, if your partner was at fault, you need to make them understand and end the conflict peacefully.

Always communicate with your partner and, you might feel things are less complicated. Let us know in the comments what is your mantra for making up after a conflict. 

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