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Kuch Bhi Kaho, “Benefits Of Having Male Best Friend” Hote Toh Hai

Kuch Bhi Kaho, “Benefits Of Having Male Best Friend” Hote Toh Hai


Like Mohnish Behl, you might have heard many people say/agree, “Ek ladka or ladki kabhi dost nahi ho skate.” But hey, why bother it when we are guessing you already have a male best friend who is protective and probably a little annoying.


And if you are not already sure, here are some definite 9 benefits of having a male best friend that we often take for granted:

  1. Less Drama

Your guy best friend seems to talk pragmatically and usually less dramatically. And, this is one of the best benefits of having a male best friend. He would gently drift your focus towards solving the drama/problem rather than adding some more.

Less Drama
  1. He Helps You With Your Date

You always have a male outlook on things when you wish to know about your current crush. Your male best friend would actually help you decode your crush texts and bet you he knows already if the guy is tharki or a good catch!

  1. A Listener

If he is your best friend, for once, your husband or girlfriend can go rude, but as a man who is a best friend of a girl, he knows that the best he can do for you is to listen to you whenever he can. So, if you call and say, “Yarrr, pata hai aaj kya hua…” he will readily listen without even interrupting you.

  1. Extremely Straightforward

One of the great benefits of having a male best friend is that he will be very straightforward and honest with you. From not liking your outfit to his hate for your current boyfriend–he would rather be direct than fake-coat.

Extremely Straightforward

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  1. No Judgements

As much as he is direct, he supports you no matter what. Male best friends would advise or help you in every difficult situation rather than judging you for your past mistakes and wrong decisions. After all, they are your best friends! 

  1. He Is There For You

You never have to worry about missing a man in your life, either going shopping for heavy furniture or trying out the nightlife. Your male best friend always has time for you.

  1. Always Makes You Laugh 

No matter what phase you are in, he will always be your biggest cheerleader, making you crack up with his silly or lame jokes. 

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Always Makes You Laugh

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  1. He Talks

He updates you about all the happenings of the time, from a new car launch to the football match results–boy, he talks.

  1. Not Just Your Boyfriend!

People often confuse him as your boyfriend or friend-zoning the other. And, then you have to give your “we are just friends” speech to them. But, nonetheless, it can be a perk at times. Like, when you need to confuse the guy who tries to hit on you.

Not Just Your Boyfriend!

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Having a male best friend is no less than a blessing. Almost all the best friends in our life are beautiful, but the benefits of having a male best friend are often misunderstood or missed by many.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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