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Mandala Art: Circles That Help you to Understand the Circle Of Life!!!

Mandala Art: Circles That Help you to Understand the Circle Of Life!!!


Mandala Art is more than beautiful with multiple and different patterns. This spirituality driven artform can help you to find the purpose of your life. Yes, it is true! Find more about this eye-treating and soul-calming form in the points below!!!

 1. Mandala is usually pronounced as ‘mah-ndah-lah’. It arises from two different words: ‘la’ and ‘manda,’ which means container and essence.

Mandala Art

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2. The mandala art is a powerful spiritual symbol used in worship, meditation, ceremonial rituals, and sacred art.

sacred art

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 3. In Sanskrit, a mandala is termed a ‘circle’. It is identified by its concentric circles and other geometric patterns.

Mandala Art

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4. Circles are drawn in the mandala or depicted to reduce stress and any inner disturbance.

5. In Buddhism and Hinduism, the religion mandala is well-known with different philosophies.

Drawing Art

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6. Mandala has a rich symbolism in culture as Buddhist monks create mandalas to impart Buddha teachings.

7. Colours have a different and unique way of influencing the way we view and think about things. More especially when in mandalas.

8. Mandala design virtually senses the mind and overwhelms our thoughts with a spiritual nature that takes the observer to greater consciousness. In some way, the mandala begins hypnosis.

The mandala begins hypnosis

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9. Mandalas are primarily a symbol of concentration and meditation. While concentrating on the mandala enables the mind to wander.

10. Mandalas are an excellent source of healing. Mandala is used by Psychologists and counsellors also as an artistic tool/medium during therapies.

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11. The mandala technique allows the creation of a mandala out of anything, whether on sand and clay.


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12. Colouring Mandalas has plenty of health benefits, such as stress reduction, better and longer concentration span, Improved fine motor movements of the hands, etc.

13. A girl named Athira Sasi from Kerala (India) created a world record by drawing hundreds of different varieties of Mandala art. The title of ‘Maximum Drawings Made Using Mandala Art’ included the Indian states and capitals, zodiac signs and Alphabet, etc.

According to research, Mandalas allow you to engage in a journey of self-discovery. So, why are you waiting? Carry your paper and colours and draw as many Mandalas as you can!!!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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