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Maria Field’s Story: Lady Who Had 2 Spare Ribs

Maria Field’s Story: Lady Who Had 2 Spare Ribs


Any healthy person will have 24 ribs inside one’s chest. The sternum or the breast bone joins them together, twelve on each side, forming the cage to protect the heart and lungs.

But Maria Field’s story is different. Explore the life of a woman who survived the rare and severe condition of Cervical Rid.

Maria Field was born in Margate, Central England. She was a professional opera singer. She went on to gleefully sing for 17 years, establishing herself on the opera circuit.

  • It was not until the time that she turned 42 and started to experience some unexpected obstacles. After some time, she recollected that, as a child, she was affected by some indifferent disease.

  • She remembered that her mother kept talking about her to the local doctor with some complaint or the other.

  • Around the age of 32, her health deteriorated further as her shoulder started to swell. Soon her arm started to go numb.

  • Doctors conducted all kinds of tests but could not diagnose the problem.

  • They conducted very fancy blood tests but could not find anything wrong.

  • It was noticed that something fundamentally wrong with Maria’s shoulders and suggested a chest X-ray.

  • Maria was told that she has a rare problem, called us, Cervical Rid, in which an extra rib above the normal first-ribs procures.

  • In Maria’s situation, she had procured two extra ribs!

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  1. A typical human rib cage consists of 24 ribs, 12 on each side, but in Maria’s case, there were 13 ribs on either side of the sternum.

  2. The effect of that surgery on her health was dramatic.

  3. She could sing after the first operation because the swelling on her neck reduced significantly.

  4. Before surgery, she could not pull up her ribs and lift her diaphragm enough to be able to sing, even at a lower pitch.

So, this was the story of a survivor and fighter Maria Field, and we are happy to conclude this article by telling you that she could now sing much higher than before!

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