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Marketing Plan For Small Businesses In The Digital Age

Marketing Plan For Small Businesses In The Digital Age

Marketing plan for small businesses

Remember Monica’s and Phoebe’s marketing plan for small businesses of catering services? Fir toh ye bhi yaad hi hoga: Due to lack of a full-proof plan, Phoebe had to suffer a van.’

Market planning is a part of an overall business plan. The world of digital communication is changing at a phenomenal pace (majorly due to the pandemic); a solid marketing plan for small businesses is crucial to create a buzz about your business. Marketing may seem like a foreign language to you. But we have got some simple yet effective market plans that will help your business grow.

Know Your Audience

A lot of people make a consistent mistake by considering everyone as their potential customer. That should never be the case. Every product and service has its own audience. You need to conduct market research, identify your target audience and pitch your sales idea to only the target group.

Know your audience

Focused Goal/Objective

A market is a vast place to explore since there are various ways to go about it. But you need to figure out what works best for you and your business. Being focused and achieving a single goal is better than running in various directions and creating no impact. You can definitely work on the second goal after you have made good progress in the first goal.

Existing Customers

Getting a new customer is always more expensive than closing an existing one. You should not underestimate the power of the already-existing customer. Repeat purchases also signify that they are loyal to you and trust you. They are the source of mouth publicity which is a free and powerful promotional tool.


Websites act as an essential asset for a business. Here you present yourself as a brand. Website is a channel through which you can communicate with your audience and get in touch with them. It is accessible 24×7. This way, the audience can visit anytime they want.


Blogging is one of the market tactics that is used to increase online visibility. Every time the brand writes a blog, it adds one more opportunity to appear in search engines and drive organic traffic.

Social Media

Social media is a platform where people come to connect with each other. It can help in creating a presence and increase awareness about the brand. You can also get in contact with customers and deal with the grievances directly.

Establishing Your Brand

Visuals, culture, perception, words and more–everything create and influence brands. This is used to identify a seller’s products & services, distinguishing them from those of competitors.


Search Engine Optimization is a technique that helps your website rank higher in organic search results. Thus, it makes your website more visible to people looking for your product or service via a search engine.

Content Marketing

These days marketing is incomplete without content. The process of developing and delivering valuable, relevant, and consistent material to attract and maintain a clearly defined audience and generate profitable consumer action is referred to as content marketing. This technique can be beneficial for small businesses.

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Email Marketing

Creating an email campaign requires both marketing savvy and imaginative copywriting. Email is sent to the customer list that usually contains a sales pitch. It could be as simple as tempting the customer to click on the web link embedded in the mail. 

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a collaborative process of “tempting” strangers to visit your brand, warning them as your potential customer. It gets them to spend on your products or services to boost your conversion rates.

Apart from these, you should always experiment with your own marketing plan for small businesses because you never know what would work out best for you.

When it comes to marketing plan for small businesses, you must know how to blend the creator in you with the tactic-one in you! Experimentation is the key. Your exclusive marketing plan might turn out to be supportive of you, driving you ahead in the game.

Blog Editor: Ritika Gupta

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