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Mathematics: Ain’t No Escape From Calculations & Numbers

Mathematics: Ain’t No Escape From Calculations & Numbers


Mathematics has been an essential part of human life. Whether it is the day to day calculations or doing the numbers at work, none of that would have been possible without mathematics. It is one of those academic subjects which helps us in our lives till the end.

1. Mathematics has no accepted definition. It is not only about numbers but about the logic of shape, space, arrangement and quantity.


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2. Practical mathematics has been practised by humans ever since writing started. Mathematicians use logic, reasoning and formulas to solve equations. Sometimes it takes years for a mathematician to work out a solution for a specific equation.


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3. Foundation for mathematics got laid when prehistoric people realized to count physical objects. They started to keep track of abstract quantities like time, days, seasons, or years. Complex mathematics began after 3000 BC when Egyptians started using algebra, arithmetic and geometry for financial calculations.

Maths history

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4. Mathematical notations used today while doing mathematics problems did not exist till the 16th century. There were words for writing equations. Leonhard Euler was the one to give many symbols that we use today, thus opening the path for more mathematical discoveries.

5. The word “Mathematics” comes from an ancient Greek word máthēma that means “what one gets to know”, “that which is learnt”, and “study and science”.


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6. Many great professional mathematicians don’t even think or take no interest in the definition of maths. The question of whether it is an art or science was never clearly answered. Many solely say that “it’s what mathematicians do.”

7. The Indian mathematician Aryabhata contributed significantly to plane trigonometry, arithmetic, algebra, and spherical trigonometry. He also worked on the approximation of π (pie).

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8. Srinivasa Ramanujan was an Indian mathematician, prominent for his infinite series of π (pie) and his many unconventional formulas to calculate the value of π (pie).

Srinivasa Ramanujan

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9. Mathematics is an essential part of many fields, including engineering, finance, accounting, medicine, natural science and the social sciences.

Guess what? There’s much more to mathematics than just numbers.

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