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Meditation Apps Are Modern Way To Adios The Stress

Meditation Apps Are Modern Way To Adios The Stress



If you are thinking that meditation apps are going to make you remember “toh gao ooomm shaaanti oomm…shaaanti shaaanti om…” Well, such is not the case.



Meditation apps are the result of a technologically driven approach to help humans in surviving a fast-paced life. This rational and practical world has taken away all the inner peace and granted a lot of stress. Meditation apps help in time management, stress management and provide tips on doing meditation activities perfectly. Here are some of the recommended meditation apps to choose from.



1. Dhyaan

Made by Mahavastu Corporation Limited will help in increasing your focus and concentration level. It will enhance your capability of keeping away negative thoughts and motivates you to be productive. Also, the soothing voice tracks of Dr Khushdeep Bansal in the app will uplift your mood and lower down your stress and anxiety level.



2. Buddhify

Spotify can only make you happy when you are feeling good from your inner self. One of the meditation apps offers more than 200 meditation sessions ranging from 3-40 minutes. It will help you sleep better, breathe well and handle difficult emotions.



3. Calm

As the name suggests, this is one of the meditation apps to calm down all fears, stress and anxieties. It is an award-winning app having a different section for calming kids. It has breathing exercises, calming exercises and mindful walking meditation. Also, the sleep stories section is full of soothing voices that can give you ultimate peace and relaxation.



4. Headspace

One of the totally personalised meditation apps, all you have to do is to put your inputs, so it can lay down a meditation plan for you. It has a new meditation section that includes nature soundscapes, storytelling sleep casts and calming music. All together will not only remove all the toxicity but also infuses positive and happy vibes.



5. Sattva

One of the meditation apps based on Vedic Principles and meditation tricks, chants and mantras help delivered by Sanskrit scholars. It has deep and authentic meditations. You can also set up your goals according to your needs and extend them on a timely basis. It also allows you to track your meditation journey and inspire your sessions.

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6. MyLife Meditation

One of the meditation apps suggests you meditate on exercises according to your mood and emotions. Earlier it was known as Stop, Breath and Think. It helps you in understanding emotions and how to handle stress and sleep more profoundly. It has short yoga videos, guided meditation and acupressure videos, a complete package of relaxation.



7. Breethe

This app comes with a personal mindfulness coach. It helps in coping with life problems, ensuring better peace of mind. It is like a Sacha Saathi. This app has a guided meditation series, masterclasses from the coach, and inspirational talks. It not only going to de-stress but motivates you to do better in your life.



“Kar har maidan fateh!” Yes, this is the spirit one needs to conquer all the problems in life as we all know, jeene ke hain chaar din, baaki hai bekar din. So better try to live stress-free and enjoy every moment of life!


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