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Relax! Here Is What To Do With Melted Chocolate You Just Found In Your Bag

Relax! Here Is What To Do With Melted Chocolate You Just Found In Your Bag


Melted Chocolates can turn into a tasty treat!

Maybe you accidentally left your dairy milk in your bag in the scorching summer heat. Or your refrigerator was not obedient enough to preserve its frost. Or you melted it intentionally after getting inspired by the likes of Gordon Ramsay by watching him on YouTube at a network speed of 1 Mbps.

In any case, we have a few ideas to tell you what to do next with this powerful ingredient that you have in front of you.

  1. Itna toh usne suna hoga?

Just for the folks who might be unaware of what melted chocolate is, it is a delicious thick syrup that you get after heating your favourite chocolate bar.

melted chocolate

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  1. Sookhe biscuits kaun khata hai yaar? 

Pick up that jar of biscuits in front of you, dip one of them in this mini pool of chocolate that you have, and your taste buds themselves will tell you how well they both compliment each other.

Sookhe biscuits kaun khata hai yaar?

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  1. Sorry Dear brands, wafer utna bhi chocolaty nahi tha:

Let’s admit this, the choco wafers that we buy aren’t as chocolaty as they claim in the advertisements. Thankfully, we can make it up by dipping the wafer in melted chocolate. Well, you can even go for a strawberry wafer. Maybe it will taste even better! Who knows?

Sorry Dear brands, wafer utna bhi chocolaty nahi tha

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  1. Coffee to sab peete hain yaar!

Why drink the same coffee every day when you can indeed change its taste for good? Pour some melted chocolate right at the core of your next cup of coffee. Just make sure to mix it well for a taste that can become your next favourite.

  1. Okay, this one is only for the ones who are not too lazy to bake:

As if we need to tell you about this. A simple act of layering the top of your cake or pancake with some melted chocolate would add all the charm you need in your baking.


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  1. Amul milk is all I have right now:

We’ve got you covered. Don’t wait for the day when you’ll find the motivation to visit a departmental store and get yourself some chocolate syrup. Mix 1-2 spoons of melted chocolate in a glass of milk and enjoy your delicious drinking chocolate–thanda, garam, jaisa bhi.

  1. Kabiliyat har toffee me hoti hai-Eclairs ban ne ki:

Okay, don’t take that too seriously. We were not talking about Pulse Candy or Shahi Aam, for that matter. But any other soft chewable in a coloured wrapper can wear a jacket of melted chocolate before it dives into your mouth. Both of you will enjoy it, almost.

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  1. The price of chocolate ice cream brick is 20 rupees–more than the vanilla ones, just saying:

Just kidding. 20 rupees is not that big of an investment when it comes to treating your taste buds right. But for a change, you can spread melted chocolate over your scoops of vanilla ice cream to get the taste of choco and the chill of ice. Chances are, you will fall in love with the taste.

  1. Chaat masala is good, but what about something different?

Sorry, but not sorry. Many of you will like it, and many of you will not. But dipping some choices of the fruits like grapes, strawberry, or even banana in melted chocolate is worth a try to expand your snacking choices.

Hopefully, we have made you sufficiently aware of a few of the many things you can try with melted chocolate (or at least gave you the confidence to try out some combinations by yourself)–even if it means soaking a slice of watermelon in melted chocolate! Try out some combinations by yourself, and let us know as well.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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