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Men in India Who Are Breaking Gender Stereotypes In The Beauty Industry

Men in India Who Are Breaking Gender Stereotypes In The Beauty Industry

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Traditionally, the cosmetics and skincare market has been driven by women. In an analogous scenario, many men are breaking away from the reins of gender stereotypes and entering the female-dominated sphere of beauty and lifestyle just as women have.

Babil Khan’s recent blog post on Instagram, in which he wrote about being shamed for using skincare products, reignited the conversation about men wearing make-up. “Can you believe some people STILL go, “Are you a girl?” when I apply face masks or make-up before going out?” he says. Normative gender roles prevent men from performing tasks that society deems feminine as he states in his post. Why are skincare and makeup still attributed as ‘feminine? Make-up and skincare make people look attractive, which in turn boosts the self-confidence of a person.

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As a frequent Instagram user, Ankush Bahuguna is probably already well known to you. Among the most popular Indian influencers on the virtual world is he. In addition to hilarious videos and make-up tutorials, Ankush also creates humorous and relatable content.
His message that anyone can wear beauty products has been lauded. In his other Instagram account, @wingitwithankush, he posts makeup tutorials and shows how to do make-up for others.

In addition to his unconventional fashion style and dressing, Siddharth Batra is a well-known fashion influencer and grooming expert. With over 143K followers on Instagram, he is continuously redefining the definition of beauty for men.
From immaculate reels that broke the norm of gender-specific clothing to sharing #guybeauty videos for every occasion, he has done it all with ‘style and statement’.

In his bio, he mentions ‘Brown boys wear makeup too. Based in Mumbai, he has over 26.5K Instagram followers. He left his followers amazed with his eye-makeup and face arts, which are absolute beauty goals.
If you are looking for inspiration and ideas, follow him on Instagram for his creative collage blending Indian menswear and makeup.

In the circle of Indian content creators, Deep Pathare is another rising queer influencer. In addition to his YouTube channel on make-up, his content reflects the message “Stop Labelling and Start Living”. With vivid hues, a dewy base, and spotless makeup blending, this man is truly to die for when it comes to his artistic flair.
Ankush Bahuguna’s Everyone deserves to be accepted video featured Deep talking about how we need to stop claiming that all-male makeup artists are gay since it defines male makeup artists as cisgender heterosexuals. Moreover, he said that men wearing makeup can also be straight, so we should normalize it so that everyone can accept it.

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