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Meri Pyaari Bindu Ke Vo Pal That Carried Much More Emotion Than Their Length

Meri Pyaari Bindu Ke Vo Pal That Carried Much More Emotion Than Their Length



Meri Pyaari Bindu makes one utter the adjectives like “Sweet, poetic and emotional,” as it is a heart-touching melody for those who felt connected with its story. The movie did not get much attention back in 2017 when it was released. But over the years, it has developed a distinct fan base of its own, who love the movie for its simple, profound storytelling. 



Abhi Na Jao Chhor Kar

Utter silence, no light in the room except for the one emitted by Projector, as if only memories of Bindu illuminate the room for the time being. Abhimanyu cannot help but smile right when the words “Abhi Na Jao Chhor Kar” in the voice of Bindu echo in the room as if he agreed to her and has been ever-waiting.



Do Naina Ik Kahani

In this scene from Meri Pyaari Bindu, grief echoes through Bindu’s voice as she sings her mother’s favourite song. It seems like she is putting her mother to a final rest with the same melody that her mother used to sing to put her to sleep.



I Am Sorry Abhi, I Can’t Do This

Things do not go down too well with Abhi and Bindu when he proposes to her for marriage. A heated-up argument on the same night ends up with Bindu confessing that she cannot marry Abhimanyu. She tries to get rid of the necklace given by Abhi’s mother and fails. At that very moment, Abhimanyu gently helps her to remove it. It is as if he is liberating her from a place where she can’t stay.



Main Jaanta Hu Ki Tu Gair Hai Magar Yoon Hi

After Abhimanyu concludes writing about his last phone call with Bindu, she leaves him in his imaginary world as well. He becomes aware of the present. The guy who was all caught up in the subtle melancholy of Bindu’s memories for so long goes back to his house from the hotel. He shares laughter with his family over carrom, shedding a different shade to pick from Meri Pyaari Bindu.



Tujhe Seedhi Se Kya Problem Hai?

When Abhimanyu reaches back to his house to bring the draft of his book, he gets down using the tree just like old times, as if a fragment of its charm is still there. Even Bindu’s father is also aware of this tradition of Abhimanyu and Bindu. By the end of the movie, even the audience has picked this tradition as “chorus” where Meri Pyaari Bindu could be set.



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Mai Nahi Chahta Ye Koi Aur Padhe

Abhimanyu handed over his book to Bindu. The book that took him time to conclude had an account of his emotions about Bindu in her presence and absence. Handing that book to Bindu was like closure for Abhimanyu, the satisfaction of expressing it all to her. It is a hitting and emotional moment for the viewers of Meri Pyaari Bindu.



Tujhe Abhi Bhi Mere Saath Bhaagna Hai To Bata?

Even though Abhimanyu was aware of Bindu’s answer to his question, he still had a tiny fragment of hope left in him. This fragment was the thing that kept him hung up on Bindu’s memories for all these years. The question seemed like his conscious attempt to put this hope to an end, his major step towards acceptance.



All Of It Will Fade Away…

As the flute starts humming the tune of “Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahi,” the scene perfectly captures the momentary stillness that Abhimanyu and Bindu share. Two men enter the room and pick up the boxes kept there. Shortly afterwards, everything in the room will not be there anymore. The room that held so many memories through the years will not be the same anymore.


And so this poetry of Meri Pyaari Bindu comes to an end, with a song jisne ghar kar liya hai fans ke dil mein, “raastein mein jo milo toh haath milane ruk jaana…” Mind to sing along in the comments below?

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