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Microsoft- Khidki (Windows) ke piche ka raaz!

Microsoft- Khidki (Windows) ke piche ka raaz!


Microsoft ka naam to suna hi hoga? Haan vhi windows jo computer me Hoti hai! Everyone knows how Windows works, but did you know that the original name of the company was Micro-Soft, as it was a merger of Microcomputer and Software. Let’s find out more about it!

  1. Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft has been a major technological force for decades.

  2. FUN TRADITION: Employees at the company take about half a kilogram of M n M’s on their first anniversary, a pound on their second anniversary, and so on.

  3. An IQ of more than 140 points qualifies someone as a genius. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates possesses an IQ of 160. Genius haina?!

  4. The first version of Microsoft Office was not intended for Windows. It was developed for the Macintosh initially in January 1985.

  5. The first Windows version came five years later, in 1990.

  6. The case of Mike Rowe: In 2004, a seventeen-year-old, Mike Rowe, started a domain,, which made the company furious.

  7. The company threatened to sue the teenager and was offered 10 Dollars, making the company’s image even worse.

  8.  After the story came out, Rowe gave the domain to the company.

  9. In return, he was reimbursed for registration, won a visit to Microsoft’s Headquarters, free training on Microsoft products and, an Xbox with a selection of games.

  10. Over the years, the logo of the company has also evolved.

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  11. Microsoft is the creator and owner of the Xbox games.

  12. In the company, there are about 35 cafeterias that serve over 37000 people daily.

  13. ‘Softies’ is the term given to the employees at the company.

Have you ever played Solitaire? That game was put on PC by Microsoft. The notion behind that invention was to teach people how to drag and drop.

We use so many things and have so little information about them! Now, whenever you use Windows, Yaad rakhna the struggle, the facts that make the company what it is today

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