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Minigames Samajh Ke Inko Naa Thukrana Re…

Minigames Samajh Ke Inko Naa Thukrana Re…


Minigames ki baat chhidi hai toh 2-panktiyan yaad aa rahi hai:

“dabbe mein dabba, dabbe mein games, kehne ko ye mini par main game se bhi focus hatawa de tumhara, aise ye minigames!”



PJs apart, as their name tells, minigames are small games inside the video games. These are just like refreshments in between meals. These help players to earn rewards in the game, also turning the game more exciting!



1. What are the minigames?

Short games that are basically contained inside another game. Minigames have the main context of the game, providing a guideline to the main game. “ek par ek bonus!”



2. Importance of Minigames

They play a dominant role in the growth of video games. Minigames help to open up the main games. They also add some more fun and refreshing texture to games. It has been seen that many times minigames can turn more exciting than the main game.



3. Blitzball” (Final Fantasy X)

Blitzball is an aquatic minigame for Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. Jassu hugs the wall and carries it forward to get the ball. Keep defenders away by passing the ball to each other and using the unusual shot at the perfect moment.



4. Parkour (Minecraft)

parkour is one of the most electrified minigames in Minecraft. The players have to cross different stages, hurdles and objects without getting damaged. Parkour can be played single-player as well as Multiplayer.



5. Red Menace (Fallout 4)

Red Menace is a “sasta version” of Donkey Kong. The Red Menace has three stages described based on the height of 25, 50, and 75 meters. This minigame is also available for Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.



6. Chicken Kicking (Fable The Lost Chapters)

Open Up! PETA wants to know your location. Chicken kicking is a bronze quest competition minigame available in the Fable lost chapter. The target of the game is to kick the chicken to the highest scoring point. The player gets the chance to kick five chickens.


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7. Liar’s Dice (Red Dead Redemption)

Liar’s Dice is a gambling game played at the Casa Madrugada. Liar’s Dice is a One-on-one dice game with five dice on each side. To win the game, the player has to bid with the highest number of repetitive dice numbers. You can play Liar’s Dice at your home with your friends and family.



8. Grand Theft Auto series

Grand Theft Auto is the hub for minigames. GTA has more than fifty-one minigames available. You can play different Mini games to earn money or activate different mission levels.



9. Snake vs Monkey (Metal Gear Solid 3)

Snake in real life to snake in the minigame. Snake vs Monkey is a minigame available for the PlayStation version of Metal Gear Solid. The player plays the character of a snake whose task is to defeat the group of monkeys causing damage in the jungle.



Minigames can make any game chartbuster! These are the perfect elements to freshen you up and switch on your intense game mode. Are there any more minigames that you would like to suggest to us? So tell us in the comments below!

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