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MMO Games: Netaji Ki Rally Se Hazaar Gunna Zyada Bheed Milegi Yaha!

MMO Games: Netaji Ki Rally Se Hazaar Gunna Zyada Bheed Milegi Yaha!

MMO Games

Today we will disclose to you all about MMO games. MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online. If you are an introvert, love games and PC, and looking for making some new friends, here you’ll meet many like you! Seems like a Naaptol advertisement–these games will make you interact with players from around the globe while all you have to do is team up and play!

1. MMO games are online games where hundreds of people can play together on the same server. You can interact with people all around the world.

MMO Games

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2. MMORPG or Massive multiplayer online role-playing games is the most influential game genre. In MMORPG players, you take the execution of the character and control its powers and actions.

Massive multiplayer games

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3. MMOFPS or MMO First-Person Shooting Games are the shooting games where you face unexpected players on a battlefield. In MMOFPS, the chief mission is to eliminate as many players as possible to win the game. PUBG is one the best example of an MMOFPS game where you face 99 players in the game

Shooting Games

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  1. Baseball Mogul was the first Sports MMO game launched in 1997.  Sports MMO is a genre where the player participates in a sports league and defends their title. FIFA is one of the most famous games of the Sports MMO genre.
Baseball Mogul

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5. Racing MMO is another fascinating subgenre of MMO. In it, multiple players join the race with their best car and race for victory.“Racecar nahin … chalane wala jeet-ta hai.” So, It all depends on how well you control your car.

Racing MMO games

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6. World of Warcraft (WoW) is one of the tremendous esports in the MMO genre. The method is the top leading winner of the WoW with 34 tournaments and total prize money, $696,450.00.

World of Warcraft

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7. Fall Guys was the best release that happened in the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Fall Guys is an MMO Platform Based Battle Royale Game where 60 players with jelly shaped customized characters play. It won The Game Award for Best Community Support.

Fall Guys

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8. GTA V Role-Play is the MMORPG mod where the player connects to the different servers and plays their own character to survive the servers. In GTA V, players have to follow all the rules they follow in real life.

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GTA V Role-Play

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9. Interestingly, MMO Games can be helpful and recommendable. These ones help to improve group interactions, involvement, and flexibility. You can make new friends online from all over the world. But, don’t let the motivation be short-lived or only inside the virtual! Practice the skills gained in real-life situations as well.

Massive multiple online games give you a bumper platform to interact with the players worldwide and create some bonding with them. Even if you are not into the philosophy of life, these games can teach you a lot about nature, life, relationships and more!

Lastly, if you are a gamer: MMO has a fatal esports career and the option to be an esports athlete.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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