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Mobile Games: Luring Blend Of 2 Addictive Things Into One!

Mobile Games: Luring Blend Of 2 Addictive Things Into One!

mobile games

Sit down to write on Mobile Games, and one cannot stop hearing that voice, ‘Bhaiyaaaaaa……apke mobile mein game hai kya?’

Everyone has faced their relative’s children asking for mobile phones for playing video games. Well, pretty logical. Gone are the days of spending on an expensive gaming setup and waiting for your turn on consoles; mobile games have taken over. That’s all you need to turn your child into an addict to mobile phones (if not gaming).

  1. What are mobile games?
  • Video games played on your mobile phones.
  • Also known as compact games that can be played offline or online (with network connectivity).
mobile games

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  1. Launch of first mobile game
  • Tetris on the Hagenuk MT-2000 device, launched in 1994.
  • Blocking-matching Tetris Games were not popularized among the users.
Tetris 1994 game

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  1. When did phone games become popular?
  • After the launch of the Snake game in 1997 on Nokia devices, mobile games became popular.
  • The Snake was played over by 350 million Nokia users. It used to come free and pre-installed in Nokia devices.
Snake game 1997

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  1. Evolution of games with mobile phones
  • Games automatically started evolving with the discovery of mobile phones.
  • As smartphones entered the scenario, gaming technologies became more advanced.
  • Modern mobile game mechanics are now compared with PC and console games.
  1. How smartphone games work on smartphones?
  • Modern games like PUBG, CODM, Freefire and Fifa Games require a fast gaming processor, dedicated graphics processing units (GPU), RAM and a good battery backup.
  • Nowadays, most mobile games run with the help of the processor of mobile phones.
gaming processor

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  1. Why are  games so addictive?
  • The simple reason is the easy availability of mobile phones. With each person owning a phone, it is easy to sell and play games on mobile rather than on a PC.
  • Moreover, with rising competition inside various industries, smartphones are being made addictive. Other than blue-light, some “khurafati-ideas” of the human mind include the shape (easy-to-hand rectangular cinema screens) and pre-installed games, social and other unremovable applications.
mobile phones game

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  1. Mobile Gaming And eSports in India
  • Games like PUBG mobile, Coc, FreeFire, CODM, and Clash Royale, made eSports more popular in India.
  • After the launch of Battle Royale in smartphones the competitive eSport scenario increased. International organizations started investing in Indian Teams.

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  1. How to download games?
  • Available for smartphones, feature phones, personal digital assistants, and tablet PCs.
  • They can be downloaded from the Appstore or PlayStore on your devices.
  1. Most downloaded mobile game
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG mobile is the most downloaded mobile game ever.
  • Till March 2021, a total of 1 billion PUBG games have been installed and played.
  • PUBG generates $41.2 million from India.

Games can help to refresh your mood. Moreover, they are free to play and do not require such a heavy investment as the PC. 

We do not say mobile gaming is wrong or something. But, with the growing nicotine-like addiction of mobile phones, plan before you give those attention-seeking “innocent boxes” to your innocent kids. Let them play on PC. Also, you can inspire your kids by telling them the routines, hard work and stories of successful video gamers.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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