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Most Expensive Plates In India That Better Stay ‘In’ Rather Than ‘On’

Most Expensive Plates In India That Better Stay ‘In’ Rather Than ‘On’


Here are the most expensive plates in India, “jisme ched to choro app khane ki bhi nhi sochoge.” Mainly plates are used for servicing the food, but this is a list of some expensive plates in India that you better keep in a showcase rather than the table!


So, “bhaiyo aur behno,” *drumrolls* — Most Expensive Plates In India:

  1. Angie Homes

Model: APSEL Plates Set of 24 

Price: Rs. 71,998

Available on:

Angie Homes products focus on vibrant colour texture to make your mood happy.

  1. Le Creuset

Model: LE Creuset PG9100S4-297F

Price: Rs. 60,052

Available on:

Le Creuset is a French cookware manufacturing firm founded in 1925, specializing in cast iron plates with more than 100years of experience.

3. Shri Balaji Abhushan Bhandar

Model: Pure Silver Plate/Thali/Dinner plate

Price: Rs.59,000

Available on:

These most expensive plates in India are but around 600gms, making them lightweight. Thus, these are best for gifting, celebrations or festivals.

4. Spode

Model: Spode Blue Room Zoological plates.

Price: Rs. 47,130

Available on:

Spode is an England based pottery and homeware company. It has been said that zoological plates are decorative and very versatile.

  1. Annieglass

Model: Gold 13 inch Annieglass Buffet Plate

Price: Rs. 39,800

Available on: Amazon. in

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Buffet plates are the top-selling plates of Annieglass. Gold rings on these are painted handmade with pure 24k gold and original platinum!

  1. Villeroy and Boch

Model: Villeroy and Boch Artesano salad plates, set of 6

Price: Rs. 39,235.00 

Available on:

Dealing in 127 countries, these plates by Villeroy and Boch are made from Premium German Porcelain, adding a rugged look to where they are placed.

  1. Belleek

Model: Belleek shamrock Bread Plate

Price: Rs. 38,740 

Available on:

The handmade designs by Belleek are colourfully patterned and were first made in 1880.

Can you believe how expensive a plate can be? After serving these facts, you can surely think of investing in some of the most expensive plates in India.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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