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Person With The Most Qualifications In India (Have More Than 100 Degrees!)

Person With The Most Qualifications In India (Have More Than 100 Degrees!)


Yes! The person who has the most qualifications in India does exist!


Have you ever wondered about the highest number of academic qualifications that a person might have? Well, this person would give you a satisfactory answer and, at the same time, surprise you!

1. The 59-year-old professor, VN Parthiban from Chennai, has the most qualifications in India, with more than 145 degrees and certificates in total.

VN Parthiban

2. This journey of collecting degrees one after the other began when Parthiban passed his graduation marginally, scoring 59.99%. Seeing his mother’s disappointment, he decided to make her proud by scoring the first rank in University.

3. Even after his graduation, professor Parthiban did post-graduation, PhD, Diploma, and different certification courses.

4. Parthiban bore the expense of his education all by himself, without any loan. He spends almost 90% of his salary on buying books, enrolling in courses, and appearing for exams.

5. Some of the numerous achievements of professor Parthiban are 12 M.Phil, 9 MBA, 8 ML, 10 MA, 8 M.Com., and 3 M.Sc. degrees!

6. He gets up at 5, gets ready by 6, and spends his entire day studying and teaching 100 subjects in different colleges in the city. He keeps working till 11:30 and concludes his day after having 2-3 idlis for dinner. He doesn’t attend family functions.

7. Professor Parthiban admits that, like many people out there, Mathematics is his weakness. He revealed that he registered for Actuarial Sciences as well. But since the course involved lots of Maths, he couldn’t complete it and left the course midway.

Study Board

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8. On being asked about the downsides of pursuing so many courses, Parthiban revealed that studying so much has negatively affected his memory! He has a hard time recalling people’s faces and routine directions.

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9. The aim with which Parthiban began this educational journey has been fulfilled. He acquired two master’s degrees in law with first-class and scored the first rank in an MBA. His mother cried out of joy when Parthiban was awarded a medal for securing the first rank in MBA.

Professor Parthiban

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10. On asking how he acquired 140 degrees in 36 years, Parthiban said that there are a few courses where a person can enrol without submitting their transfer certificate. So he enrolled in them while simultaneously pursuing formal professional degree courses.

Professor Parthiban gives credit for his success to his wife. She took care of the family, raising their two children. Even after acquiring the title of the person with most qualifications in India, Parthiban has no plans to stop. He says that he will keep studying and gathering more and more degrees even after his retirement.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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