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Most Subscribed Indian Gaming YouTube Channels To Stay Focused

Most Subscribed Indian Gaming YouTube Channels To Stay Focused



With the rise of the Internet, the list of most subscribed Indian Gaming YouTube Channels was bound to happen, as YouTube gave a platform to many users to showcase their talent. Many used this platform for Vines, Comedy, documentaries, music and Many more. Gaming is one of the most growing sectors in YouTube. Indian Gaming YouTubers have been breaking records and setting up new records daily.



1. Two Side Gamers

“Ek Se Bhale Do.” Two Side Gamers are Indian Free Fire streamers, known as TSG. Two Side Gamers YouTube Channel is handled by the deadly duo of Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka. Two Side Gamers stream and upload Freefire and many different games. TSG are the first duo Gamer to reach 5million subscribers.

Total Views: 1,155,590,009 views

Total Subscriber: 7.94 million



2. Mythpat

Mythpat or Mithilesh Patankar is a 23-year-old multi-games streamer from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mythpat, mimicry and comic timing that is what makes him the most entertaining content creator. Mythpat uploads funny gaming content on his YouTube Channel. Mythpat has been featured in Netflix India episodes.

Total Views: 1,652,312,319 views

Total Subscriber: 8.43 million




CarryisLive is the Gaming Channel of the YouTuber Carryminati a.k.a Ajey Nagar. Carryminati started his career uploading gaming clips on his roasting Channel. Later he created a gaming Channel with the name of CarryisLive. Carry livestreams PUBG and many other PC games on his YouTube Channel.

Total Views: 1,049,663,321 views

Total Subscriber: 9.36 million



4.Dynamo Gaming

Adii Sawant, known for Dynamo Gaming, is a PUBG Mobile streamer from Mumbai. Dynamo Gaming is one of the biggest PUBG streamers on YouTube. “Patt se Headshot” is one of the famous slang terms used by Dynamo gaming after giving a headshot to the opponent.

Total Views: 960,967,189 views

Total Subscriber: 9.71 million



5. Gyan Gaming

Gyan Gaming is owned by Ankit Sujan and is one of the most renowned faces in the Free Fire Community from Kolkata. Gyan gaming live streams and uploads highlights of the gameplay. Gyan Gaming also uploads Vlogs and challenging videos on his YouTube Channel.

Total Views: 1,387,937,630 views

Total Subscriber: 10.4 million



6. Desi Gamers

Desi Gamer is a Free Fire, PC and mobile streamer. He is also known as Ankit Sharma. Desi Gamer uploads and streams Free Fire and many different games. Desi Gamer does a family-friendly stream that can be watched with your friends and family.

Total Views: 1,408,030,282 views

Total Subscriber: 10.5 million




Lokesh Raj Singh is a Free Fire content creator and CEO of Team LR7. Lokesh Gamer is currently managed by Redowl gaming Esports. Lokesh Gamer uploads and streams funny challenges related to Free Fire on his YouTube Channel.

Total Views: 1,408,030,282 views

Total Subscriber: 10.9 million

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8. A_S Gaming

A_S Gaming is owned by Sahil Rana and is one of the most subscribed Indian Gaming YouTube Channels by an 18-year-old YouTube artist from Solan, Himachal Pradesh. A_S Gaming uploads and live streams Free Fire. A_S Gaming started his YouTube career by uploading the funny highlights of the Free Fire.

Total Views: 1,341,680,950 views

Total Subscriber: 12.1 million



9.Techno Gamerz

Ujjwal Chaurasia, known for Techno Gamerz, 19-year-old PC games content creator from New Delhi. It is known for its Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto 5 tutorial series. Techno Gamerz streams and uploads more than fifteen games in his YouTube career.

Total Views: 3,816,889,291 views

Total Subscriber: 18 million



10. Total Gaming

Total Gaming is owned by Ajay, and it tops the list of most subscribed Indian Gaming YouTube Channels. His fans call him Ajju Bhai. He is a 23-year-old boy and is India’s biggest Free Fire content creator from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The Total Gaming way of communicating and expressing has made him popular among the Gaming community. Total Gaming face reveal has been the biggest mystery of the gaming community till now.

Total Views: 4,000,475,989 views

Total Subscriber: 25.2 million



Standing and making their country proud on the YouTube Platforms. Touching the milestone of the most subscribed YouTube Channel and entertaining their audience by uploading and doing live streams. Probably India is going to be the biggest market for streaming.


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