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Motorcycle Riding Tips- Become a Safer and Better Motorcycle Rider

Motorcycle Riding Tips- Become a Safer and Better Motorcycle Rider

Motorcycle Riding tips

Following a few motorcycle riding tips can turn your unquestionably fun, exciting, and fuel-efficient bike-riding experience even more fun and safer! On the other hand, riding a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car.

Every motorcycle enthusiast will relate–motorcycle riding allows one to experience the world openly. I can tell you that you missed the chance to see heaven if you haven’t experienced it!

And these motorcycle riding tips will help you in safely future riding.


  1. Keep Heels In

It is common to find little diamond-shaped metal plates on sportbike footpegs that will separate your foot from the inside of the bike. They aren’t just for show; they may be put to good use, and it’s simple to do so.

keep heels in

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Now all you have to do is put your foot closer to the bike till your heel comes into contact with the plate. When I’m riding, I feel a lot more stable and in control because of this. If you don’t believe me, try it for a week and then try putting your feet in their previous positions without touching the plate the next week–it will seem like your feet are suspended in midair!

Motorcycle Riding tips

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  1. Watch the Road

As a motorcycle rider, this one motorcycle riding tips help you most, you must be aware of the route you are on. When entering curves, err on the side of caution and keep an eye out for potential gravel or other unstable road conditions. Crossing railroad tracks should be done with caution because the paint can be slick, as can the white lines at stoplights.

watch the road

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  1. Check Air Filter

Stop suffocating your vehicle’s life. Sure, that works for some relationships, but if you want a high-performance machine that lasts a long time, check the air filter regularly and replace it as needed. This is one of the simplest and least expensive motorbike maintenance projects you can do yourself. There are no more excuses!

air filter Motorcycle Riding tips

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  1. Don’t Brake On Turn/Accelerate Through Turn

It’s a massive no-no to brake during a turn. The bike will start straightening itself immediately if you swerve around a corner while bent over. You might be able to save it if you hit the brakes before the apex of the bend if the road straightens out quickly, but if you hit the brakes before the turn, you’re doomed.

  1. 70/30 braking rule

You should practice 70/30 braking as a general guideline (unless you’re dirt biking). To guarantee a smooth and progressive stop, apply 70% of your braking pressure to the front brake and 30% to the rear brake. Although your front brake is the most powerful, you should not rely on it solely.

6. Always wear a full-face helmet

Make sure you’re wearing a full-face helmet with a face shield (or eye protection) The majority of accidents happen at low speeds, yet not wearing a helmet increases your risk even at low speeds. If you hit a piece of gravel, the helmet may come in handy. Or a puddle of oil. And then your head collides with…something. It’s necessary for safe riding.


    1. Get some rest

    Riding a motorcycle demands a lot of concentration when you are going mentally exhausted after a lengthy ride. So make sure you’re a safe motorcyclist and get a good night’s sleep while you ride. Highway hypnosis affects both drivers and passengers, so you may become drowsy during a ride even if you’re well-rested. Take some time to relax. Keep yourself hydrated.

Aside from these motorcycle riding tips and physical equipment, you must be in a strong mental condition to stay safe when driving. Stay safe by only riding when you are completely well and avoiding any impairment as much as possible. Motorcycling is challenging, but by constantly improving your skills via knowledge and repetition, you will be able to enjoy it for as long as you choose to continue on two wheels. Best wishes, and ride safely!

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