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7 Movies For Actors In India Jo Har Aspiring Actor Ko Dekhna Maangta Hai Boss!

7 Movies For Actors In India Jo Har Aspiring Actor Ko Dekhna Maangta Hai Boss!

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Here are must-watch movies for actors in India that every talented draamebaaz should dekho and seekho from, kyunki, dil se padhne ke liye zaruri hai, “Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment!”

Watching a film and having visual thinking (kyunki soch kabhi bhi aa sakti hai) by putting yourself inside the actor ke jootein is what you need to learn more about the thought process about actions, style of dialogue delivery, varying emotions, etc.

Here are some must-watch movies for actors in India!

  1. Anandi Gopal (February 2019)
  1. IMDB Rating-8.8
  2. Film Duration-2h 14min
  3. Genre-Biography
  4. Directed By-Sameer Vidwans
  5. Available at Amazon Prime Video, ZEE5
  6. Into The Movie: “Kisi bhi aadmi or aurat ko apni zarurato ke liye kisi aur pe nirbhar nai hona chaiye.”
  • 9 saal ki umra mein shaadi aur 10 saal ke baad haath mein degree! This is a spiritual and astonishing movie about the first female doctor. A biographical drama set in 1886.
  • 14 years old, Anandi Bai Joshi goes to Pennsylvania to pursue her education in medicine after the death of her son.
  • Her husband, Gopal Joshi, fights all odds to support his wife all the time.
  • By the end of the drama, a misfortunate incident happens, giving the movie a really breathtaking angle.
  • “Mera toh dil bhaari hoga yeh film dekh kar.”
Anandi Gopal (February 2019)

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  1. Paa (December 2009)
  1. IMDB Rating-7.2
  2. Film Duration-2h 13min
  3. Genre-Comedy, Drama
  4. Directed By-R. Balki
  5. Available at Netflix
  6. Into The Movie: “Baap banne ka matlab sirf bachcha paida karna nahi hota.”
  • Inspired by the 1996 Hollywood film, Jack, Paa is such an incredible parenting movie, starring Amitabh Bachhan, Vidya Baalan and Abhishek Bachhan.
  • Auro suffers the rarest disease, Progeria (a person ages quickly beyond his actual age).
  • Abhishek goes beyond all odds to fight the disease and get back his son.
  • The end is tragic. It is a must-watch movie to learn about the relationship between maa, paa and the son, when hard times arrive.
  • Fantastic make-up was done by the make-up team of Paa, well-carried by Amitabh Bachchan, who represented a 78-years old man to a 12-years-old kid who is suffering from Progeria.
  • “Ek 12 saal bacha, a real fighter.”
Paa (December 2009)

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  1. Barfi (September 2012)
  1. IMDB Rating- 8.1
  2. Film Duration- 2h 31min
  3. Genre- Comedy, Drama, Romance
  4. Directed By- Anurag Basu
  5. Available at Netflix, Amazon
  6. Into The Movie: “Har pyaar ke aagey jeet hai like apna kaam banta bhaadmein jaaye janta.”
  • The film will leave you in awe as you watch the challenging characters performed flawlessly by Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Illeana D’Cruz.
  • Playing some shades of Charlie Chaplin, Murphy is a dumb & mute but a lively character. The autistic Jhilmil is a childhood friend of Murphy.
  • The movie is about a love triangle: Shruti loves Murphy but marries another guy. Later, breaking up, she helps Murphy to find Jhilmil, his love.
  • Marrying in a Bengali style, both Jhilmil and Murphy share an extraordinary and unique bond.
  • A must-watch movie for an actor in which each character will numb its audience and smile throughout the film.
  • “Love is free and beautiful that stays forever in your heart.”
Barfi (September 2012)

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  1. Black (February 2005)
  1. IMDB Rating- 8.2
  2. Film Duration- 2h 1min
  3. Genre- Drama
  4. Directed By- Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  5. Available at Amazon Prime Video
  6. Into The Movie: “Lagta Hai Baraf Padhne Wali Hai.”
  • Based on shikshak and adhyapak chemistry, a teacher Debraj Sahai (Amitabh Bachhan), becomes a game-changer for Michelle (Rani Mukherji). Michelle is deaf, mute and blind.
  • Due to his in-depth involvement and harsh lessons, Michelle learns to say the first word “wohhh” to water.
  • Passing 12 years, she graduates in Arts.
  • Her excitement does not last for a minute after finding that he is going into the black world.
  • “Roshni he hai jo Darkness he chhoo mantar karti hai.”
Black (February 2005)

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  1. Sadma (July 1983)
  1. IMDB Rating- 8.4
  2. Film Duration- 2h 21min
  3. Genre- Drama, Romance
  4. Directed By- Balu Mahendra
  5. Available at Amazon Prime Video
  6. Into The Movie: “Berang safar mein ek rangeen saathi.”
  • Got nominated twice, the film Sadma has powerful actors Sri Devi and Kamal Hasan.
  • In Ooty, a schoolmaster, Somu takes care of Reshmi. Reshmi suffers from amnesia.
  • They soon become friends together.
  • Know how love and the relationship of humanity ends–Sadma is a must-watch!
  • “ऐ ज़िन्दगी गले लगा लेहमने भी तेरे हर एक ग़म को गले से लगाया है, है ना!”
Sadma (July 1983)

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  1. Swades: We The People (December 2004)
  1. IMDB Rating- 8.2
  2. Film Duration- 3h 9min
  3. Genre- Drama
  4. Directed By- Ashutosh Gowariker
  5. Available at Netflix, Amazon Prime
  6. Into The Movie: “Mann se Raavan joh nikale, Ram uske mann mein hai.”
  • The punch line introduces to the Indian public that the film is about us.
  • As a project manager in NASA, USA, Mohan travels to India. He travels to find his nanny, Kaveri amma.
  • Besides blossoming a love story between him and Gita, he learns about frequent power cuts in the village.
  • Extending his leaves, he decides to install a power generation unit.
  • The film takes care of the eternal love bond that he and Kaveri amma share. 
  • Find out the will Shahrukh Khan go back to the US with Kaveri amma or not?
  • “Mere aasuyon ka swad mere mann ka namak hi samajhta hai.”
Swades: We The People

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  1. Haider (October 2014)
  1. IMDB Rating- 8.1
  2. Film Duration- 2h 40min
  3. Genre- Action, Crime, Drama
  4. Directed By- Vishal Bhardwaj
  5. Available at Netflix, ZEE5
  6. Into The Movie: “We know that we are, but not what we may be.” –Hamlet
  • This movie is adapted from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
  • On returning to Kashmir, Haider (Shaheed Kapoor) finds about the disappearance of his father.
  • He runs in search of his father to various places and police stations. 
  • The game unfolds when Haider finds the bitter truth about her mother and uncle.
  • Will he succeed to punish the criminal of his father?
  • “Ek vishesh soochna: experience ek महत्वपूर्ण सूत्र hai.”
Haider (October 2014)

These were 7 highly recommended movies for actors that can help you to develop your personality inside-out. Learning even one thing from a film is such an incredible experience. You would end up exploring BANG- BANG things about yourself!

“Dekho wo films jo apke mann mein chhaap chhor jaaye for a lifetime.”

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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