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7 Movies For Dentists In India Found By Gen-Z For Sweet Tooths

7 Movies For Dentists In India Found By Gen-Z For Sweet Tooths

Movies For Dentists In India

Here are 7 movies for dentists in India that would help you to appreciate your dentist’s work. Like, seriously! Bro/Sis! He or she has to face that not-so-cute mouth of yours (maybe even bad-breaths), fix your teeth to aid your gorgeous smile!

To fill that give and take deed, it’s our turn to make them feel good about themselves, and what better than Cinema to do so?

  1. Talvar (2015)

The story revolves around a murder mystery of a teenage girl, inspired by the real-life incident of a 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar. The movie exhibits the politics, sheer carelessness of authorities and government officials. It leads to a case where a dentist couple is under the radar of suspicion. Watch this and beware before you annoy your dentist!

  • Duration – 2 hours 13 Minutes 
  • Directed by Meghna Gulzar 
  • IMDb Rating – 8.2/10
  • Available On Hotstar India 
Talvar (2015)

via imdb

  1. The Hangover (2009):

Directed by Todd Philips (who later went on to direct, Joker), it is an American comedy film about four friends who travel to Las Vegas for a party. A character that we all must have missed was Dr Stuart, a dentist. He was the only sane character amongst the group of four. The irony lies in Dr Stuart’s teeth being knocked out throughout the film. A film every dentist in India should watch, your dental certification won’t protect your teeth. Take care of them. 

  • Duration – 1 hour 48 Minutes 
  • Directed by Todd Philips  
  • IMDb Rating – 7.7/10
  • Available On Netflix India 
The Hangover (2009)

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  1. The Dentist (1932):

A slapstick comedy, this one handles an uninterested and detached dentist. The Doctor in the film struggles to treat the patients and often engages in wrestling. A high-end commercial film educates every dentist on what NOT to do as a dental practice.

  • Duration – 25 Minutes
  • Directed by Leslie Pearce  
  • IMDb Rating – 6.6/10
  • Available On Youtube
The Dentist (1932)

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  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2006):

An adaptation of Roald’s book is about a poor boy (Charlie) who lives near a candy company. The film gets interesting when Charlie’s father, a dentist, continuously restricts him from having candies. The movie conveys the message of not limiting their sons and daughter from their source of happiness. Indeed, it has to be on the list of must-watch movies for dentists in India.

  • Duration – 1 hour 55 Minutes 
  • Directed by Tim Burton  
  • IMDb Rating – 6.6/10
  • Available On Netflix
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2006)

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  1. The Great Moment (1944):

The movie depicts the human instinct of dental pain and its fear: the dentist who is on a roll to deliver painless dental extractions to his patients. The film features the life of Dr Morgan. He developed the first anaesthesia. A motivational one, this is amongst the excellent movies for dentists in India.

  • Duration – 1 hour 23 Minutes
  • Directed by Preston Sturges  
  • IMDb Rating – 6.6/10
  • Available On Youtube
  1. Little Shop of Horrors (1986):

An Unforgettable character played by Steve Martin. A movie different from other dentists films because it doesn’t utilize the cast for untimely jokes. The biker-dentist in the film is flashy yet wicked at times personality. The most memorable scenes in the movie are when Steve comes up on the frame. Perhaps, the most appreciated dentist film ever made!

  • Duration – 1 hour 42 Minutes 
  • Directed by Frank Oz  
  • IMDb Rating – 7/10
  • Available On Youtube
Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
  1. Thumbsucker (2005):

A recommendation list on movies for dentists in India wouldn’t have been completed without this movie. A story of an under confident teenager who tries to cope up with his thumb-sucking addiction. But then a dentist comes up in the life of this teenager, who enlightens him about the flaws of a human being and to accept it as it is.

  • Duration – 1 hour 36 Minutes 
  • Directed by Mike Mills
  • IMDb Rating – 6.6/10
  • Available On Amazon Prime
Thumbsucker (2005)

via rogerebert

Perhaps, the only difference between our parents and dentists in India is that our parents criticize our lifestyle rather than our teeth and sugar tooth. Well, on that unfunny point, let’s take a moment to appreciate our dentists with these 7 movies for dentists in India!

Also, we are no dentists but don’t forget to brush your teeth before you sleep! Kya pata sachi mein dentist ke paas jana pad jaaye appreciate karne ke liye…

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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