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Movies For Indian Book Writers: A Definite Compilation By Gen-Z

Movies For Indian Book Writers: A Definite Compilation By Gen-Z

Movies For Indian Book Writers

Movies for Indian Book Writers is quite a different column in the world of SERPs.

For most cinephiles, their treasured stories at times are novel adaptations. Thus, Cinema and Literature are always in a kind of “situationship” relationship. They are two distinct worlds, independent mediums (of expression, stories and entertainment) that are separate but cannot stop influencing each other!

So, if you are a passionate or aspiring novelist living in India, here is a recommended movie list like no other by a cinephile for you!

Do, do, do, do watch the following 7 Movies for Indian Book Writers to entertain yourself in a way you actually wish to be!

1) Manto

  • Who am I to remove the clothes of the society which itself is naked. —The dialogue in itself is enough to speak for itself.
  • A biographical drama film.
  • It gives the best insight into what Manto was as a writer.
  • Manto was a playwright, screenwriter and novelist from Pakistan.
  • The movie revolves around the narrative of his short stories along with the happenings in his personal life.

Duration – 1 hour 56 Minutes

Genre – Biopic/Drama 

Directed by Nandita Das 

IMDb Rating – 7.4/10

Available On – Netflix India


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2) Mahakavi Kalidasa (Telugu) (1960)

  • A biographical film on the life of great poet Kalidasa.
  • It explores the life and lessons of an author.
  • This movie about Kalidasa and his life is more than what you read and know about him.

Duration – 2 hours 30 Minutes

Genre – Biographical/Drama

Directed by Kalamkara Rao

IMDb Rating – 7.4/10

Available On – Youtube

Mahakavi Kalidasa

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3) Kaviratna Kalidasa (Kannada) (1983)

  • Another must-watch Kalidasa film, every book writer must peek into.
  • This film brings about the story of what made Kalidasa the great Sanskrit writer.
  • The film also gives us detailed glimpses of the love life of Kalidasa. 

Duration – 3 hours 08 Minutes

Genre – Drama/Romance

Directed by Renuka Sharma

IMDb Rating – 8.2/10

Available On – Mx Player

Kaviratna Kalidasa

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4) Aami (Malayalam) (2018)

  • A biopic on the iconic writer, Kamala Das, and never giving up attitude.
  • The director uses a back and forth story timeline for narrating the tale of a highly complex character. The movie altogether is simple and straightforward.
  • Her passion for writing would absolutely inculcate within the audience.

Duration -2 hour 38 Minutes

Genre – Drama

Directed by Kamal

IMDb Rating – 6.2/10

Available On – Zee 5

Aami (Malayalam) (2018)

5) Bharathi (Tamil) (2000)

  • The film is based on the life of Subramania Bharati, a Tamil poet and a great freedom fighter.
  • Bharathi will bring out the patriotism, rebellious traits of a book writer.
  • Watch the film for a peek inside the life of Mahakavi Bharathi, a person who can be said as synonymous with motivation.

Duration – 2 hours 30 Minutes

Genre – Drama/Romance

Directed by Gnana Rajasekaran

IMDb Rating – 7.2/10

Available On – Youtube

See Also

Bharathi (Tamil)

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6) Apu Trilogy

  • A surprise recommendation in a must-watch Movies for Indian Book Writers! Also, it is probably one of the most notable Indian trilogies ever made.
  • The Apu trilogy is based on the literature of Bibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay (which had the same name).
  • The semi-biographical movie displays the life of a kid, Apu.
  • This Movie Series is a social commentary on the issues of education, health and poverty. Something that every writer should imbue in their writing portfolios. 

Total watch time – 5 hours 42 Minutes

Genre – Drama

Directed by – Satyajit Ray

IMDb Rating – 8.6/10

Available On – Amazon Prime.

Apu Trilogy movie

7) The Harry Potter Series

  • A fantasy series was written by J.K Rowling, that indeed every creative person shouldn’t ignore watching (and perhaps, reading too).
  • Apart from the magnum opus sets and visual effects, this film series would help you examine: character-building, plot-building and piling up the story towards a perfect climax in the end. This one is like a checklist for your next fiction!

Total Duration – 19 hours 55 Minutes

Genre – Action/Fantasy

Directed by David Yates 

IMDb Rating – 7.7/10

Available On – Amazon Prime

The Harry Potter Series

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Best-selling novels generally have an inspirational story or visionary thinking. Getting a closer look into the lives of these thinkers–knowing more about them, what struggles they went through, what was their thought process, ideas and beliefs–in an entertaining way–ah! We hope every bibliophile would be pleased with this list of must-watch Movies for Indian Book Writers!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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