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Mukesh Rishi: Glimpse Inside The Life Of Fav Villain Of Many

Mukesh Rishi: Glimpse Inside The Life Of Fav Villain Of Many

Mukesh Rishi

After hearing Mukesh Rishi, the first thing that comes in your mind is, “Mai Hun Bulla, Rakhta Hun Khulla.” Lol. In this blog, try to discover the story of a talented actor who gave the above dialogue, Mukesh Rishi.

1. Mukesh Rishi was born and brought up in a Joint Family in Jammu and came to Chandigarh for higher studies.

Mukesh Rishi

2. Rishi initially wanted to be a cricketer, but someone asked him if he would be a good cricketer? He said no and dropped the plan.

Rishi movies

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3. Rishi was also rejected by one of the colleges for his enormous height.

Rishi height

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4. Rishi, after graduation, worked in Family Business for 2-years and used to question himself regularly, what is he doing?

Rishi worked in Family Business

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5. Rishi then flew to Fiji and started working as a Model and a labourer, togetherly. But, he was not satisfied.

Mukesh Rishi acting journey

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6. Rishi gave himself time for a year and came back to Mumbai. He enrolled himself in the acting school of Roshan Taneja, as well as in Madhumati Acting School.

Rishi used to go to Roshan Taneja’s in the morning and Madhumati Ji’s in the evening.

7. Rishi debuted with Gardish and credit for getting this film goes with his physique, as the film-makers were searching with a well-built physique and tremendous height.

Before Gardish, Raj Babbar gave Rishi a pep talk that, if you are acting, forget everything; just be the character.

8. Rishi was new to Bollywood, so after Gardish it took some to get another film, but he got Baazi.

After Baazi, there was a turning back for the actor.

Rishi role in Baazi movie

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9. After watching Rishi in back to back two negative roles, Bollywood started pouring offers in his lap, and from there, everything started rolling for Rishi.

10. Rishi started getting offers from the South. He realized that the Villians in South Indian Movies makes more sense, that made him accept the offers.

11. Rishi has also contributed to Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, and Telugu Cinema, including Gunda, Bandhan, Lal Baadshah, Judwaa, Bhoopathi, Taur Mittran Di, Goutham Nanda, and many more.

12. Apart from his Negative Characters, Rishi also proved himself capable of doing positive roles, like in Koi… Mil Gaya, Sarfarosh, etc.

Aamir himself narrated the story of Sarfarosh to Rishi.

13. Rishi has also been a part of various T.V Shows such as The Sword of Tipu Sultan, Chittod Ki Rani Padmini Ka Johur, and Prithvi Vallabh.

14. Mukesh is married to Keshni, whom he met in Chandigarh College, Keshni belongs to Fiji Island. The couple has a son and a daughter.

15. Rishi chose a career that was in no way related to his Family and completed more than 150 films. He also has established himself as one of the favourite Villains.

Rishi says that be patient, go step by step and not try to jump to be successful.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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