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Mukul Dey: The Man Who Introduced Drypoint Etching In India

Mukul Dey: The Man Who Introduced Drypoint Etching In India


In this blog, know about the man who introduced drypoint etching in India. Mukul Dey is also known as a “pioneer” of drypoint etching in India.


From being a student of Tagore and eventually becoming the first principal in an Indian Art & Craft School–


Ladies & gentleman, get yourselves introduced to the legendary artist: Mukul Dey.

1. Mukul Chandra Dey was born in 1895 in Calcutta. He was a student of Rabindranath Tagore’s Shantiniketan School who left his mark as a pioneer of drypoint etching.

Mukul Chandra Dey

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2. He was also the first Indian artist to travel abroad (Japan) to study printmaking as an art.

Mukul Chandra Dey in Japan

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3. In 1911, he got his first international recognition when the Indian society of oriental art sent his paintings to Paris, London, and other European cities for exhibition.

Painting by Mukul Dey

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4. Other than that, Mukul Dey was also the first Indian to receive a diploma in Mural Painting from the royal college of art.

Mukul Dey

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5. In 1924, he also decorated a portion of the Indian pavilion at the Wembley British Empire Exhibition.


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6. Later, he married Bina Roy, who was from Khanakul Bengal.


7. In 1927, Dey returned to India. And, in 1928, he became the first Indian principal of the government school of art and craft in Calcutta.

8. In 1925, Mukul Dey published a book on cave paintings in Ajanta and Bagh.

book on cave paintings in Ajanta and Bagh

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9. He received so many awards, which also include the Nobel prize winner in 1916.


Nobel prize winner in 1916

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Although Mukul dey adopted western techniques for his art, his subjects always show the Indian side. These include river scenes in Bengal, traditional Baul singers, the markets of Calcutta, the life of Santhal villagers etc.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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