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Music Festivals In India Jinko Thorda Background Music Toh Mangta Hai Na Bhai!

Music Festivals In India Jinko Thorda Background Music Toh Mangta Hai Na Bhai!



Jab music festivals in India entered the lives of people–each one started joining the concerts to enjoy the musical skill of famous musicians and singers.



Gone are the days when you must have seen dhin-chek songs with loud music at its highest volume level in cars. Music lovers installed heavy bass or woofers to get glass window breaking sounds.



Here are kuch music festivals in India that you must explore if you are crazy about music!



1. NH7 Weekender

‘Charo taraf music he music goonj raha hai.’

      NH7 Weekender is the major multi-genre (Rock, Pop music, Independent music, Hip hop music, Electronic dance music, Stand-up comedy) and multi-city (Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc.) musical festival founded by Only Much Louder in 2010.

      It began in Pune, Maharashtra. It is a 3-day musical festival, organised between October and December.

      Comedians like Zakir Khan, Kenny Sebastian and others, do participate in the event.

      Different cities have different portals for ticket booking where both offline outlets and online modes are available.



2. Sunburn, Goa

‘Music is tashan.’

      First discovered in Vagator, Goa, in 2017, Sunburn happens annually either on the last weekend or in the last 3-days of the year.

      The musical festival is khichadi of music, entertainment, food and shopping.

      After Tomorrowland and Ultra, in 2014, the musical festival ranked position-3 in the world. 2016 was the first year that the Sunburn festival shifted from Goa to Pune.

      The tickets cost INR 2500 onwards and are available online at booking sites: BookMyShow and Sunburn.



3. Rajasthan Indian Folk Festival (or Jodhpur RIFF)

‘I need folk fusion music in every moment of my life.’

      The Rajasthan Indian Folk is one of the famous music festivals in India, held at Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

      This festival usually takes place on the day of Sharad Purnima in October.

      It provides an open stage for all folk artists and musicians. Globally, many people participate in the festival. Nearly 250 Rajasthanis musicians participate in the event.

      UNESCO is one of the international supporters of the musical festival.



4. Ziro Musical Festival

‘For me, music is more than just a word.’

      Ziro means versatile. It is a town in Arunachal Pradesh, listed on the World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

      A very eco-friendly festival, organised in November, was held in the lush green valley of Arunachal Pradesh. Booby Hano and Menwhopause, guitarist Anup Kutty, founded it in 2012.

      Kuch aur bhi khasiyat baatein: Bamboo wood gets used to make both stages. The local artisans are picked for the infrastructure to raise awareness about ‘Local is Vocal.’

      The tickets to this festival are available on the website:



5. Mahindra Blues

‘Music bajega toh loud-ch he bajega, bhai log.’

      ‘Mere meheboob qayamat hogi gaane se yaad aya,’ Mahindra Blues is the annual musical festival held in February at Mehboob Studios, Bandra, Mumbai.

      Buddy Guy, Walter Trout, and John Mayall are the past year performers at the event, founded in 2011 by Mahindra Group.

      The event took place virtually in 2020 due to a pandemic.

      The tickets are available at the website:



See Also

6. Escape, Naukuchiatal

‘Music is that escape that takes me to a serene world.’

      A soothing escape? Naukuchiatal is the best way to escape your routine to a magical journey of real art, real music, and real culture. All in a beautiful natural setting, with like-minded souls.

      The event is full of genres like films, music, art, etc.

      If you want to get lost for a while, then Escape is the musical event you must attend! Reach there to enjoy the Oak Forest in the central Himalayas of Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand.

      3-day event tickets are available at the website



7. GoMad Fest, Ooty

‘Music is all around in OOTY.’

      A 3-day musical annual festival takes place in May at the venue Fernhill Palace, a 150-year-old palace.

      Various workshops have been set up, along with music like guitar, photography, dance and yoga.

      The festival also offers a place for camping, starting from 2012.



8. Woods Talk, Rishikesh

‘Apna to life he music bajana aur suna hai.’

      The Woods Talk musical festival happens in the wood Mahadev Chatti (45 km away from Rishikesh).

      Many electrifying performances happen, like jazz, rock, electronic, folk performances, etc.

      In European countries, the concept of camping at musical festivals is there.

      Guess what? You have an opportunity to explore the place by doing many adventurous activities also.



Pack your bags to travel and heal yourself through the power of music. Escape enjoying a diverse mix of electronic music festivals in India.

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