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Music And An Intriguing Glimpse Inside Its History

Music And An Intriguing Glimpse Inside Its History


We all have felt, heard, thought and observed the power of music! But, have you ever thought about where music has come?

1. History of music is older than anyone’s perception, as nature has been singing to us from seemingly, time unending.


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2. It is observed that in most civilizations, music has developed through the hymns and chant, written in praise of God.


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3. Divje Babe, which looks like a flute, is around 40,000 years old and is believed to be the first-ever instrument carved from a femur-bone of a cave bear.

4. Due to profound records in Vedas, ancient Hindu Scriptures, and thorough Shastras, India has been recognized all over the world as the nation with oldest musical traditions.

Oldest Music Traditions

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5. Earliest written record of the first-ever song dates between 3,400 to 4000 years ago. It is a Syrian cult hymn about Creation.

6. Recording of Musical Sounds by developing a system of musical symbols is credited to ancient Greeks.

7. The system of Musical Annotations was first found by Historians in the 5-books by Boethius (AD 470-525) on Music Theory.

Music Theory

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8. This might come as a surprise to you: In 1581, Galileo’s father, Galilei, became the first-ever person to publish a Musical Score!

Galileo’s father, Galilei

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9. The biggest collection of musical instruments, dating between 7000-6600 BC, was found in China.

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Musical instruments

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This was just an upper-layer to an extensively complex history of Music. One can then reach only one conclusion may be: 


Perhaps Music has developed into its current form simultaneously with the Development of Humans, Language, and Cultures.


What do you think?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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