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Must-Read Books For Bisexuals Worth A Pick & Keep

Must-Read Books For Bisexuals Worth A Pick & Keep



This blog covers some of the must-read books for bisexuals worth a read & keep that every Love lover would love to explore!

Many experts in the LGBT+ community opine that the B in the LGBT+ is often underrepresented. The representation and understanding of bisexuals are so minimal in the mainstream media that it is often confused with Gay and Lesbians. However, that does not mean that no literature has well-defined bisexual characters! Keeping this in mind, here is a list of best books for bisexuals that every individual will enjoy reading. What’s more, these books can be found easily on Amazon:


1. Star Crossed by Barbara Dee

The story revolves around Mattie, a middle-schooler who falls in love with the girl playing Juliet in a school play, where Mattie herself plays Romeo. This is a new revelation for Mattie, as she has only liked boys before.

  • Publishers: Aladdin

  • Year Of Publishing: 2017

  • Children Book


2. Tell Me How Long The Train’s Been Gone by James Baldwin

Leo Proudhammer, a bisexual actor, almost dies of a heart attack at the height of his career. This book by the African-American bisexual author James Baldwin showcases Proudhammer weaving through his vulnerabilities as he lingers between life and death.

  • Publishers: Dial

  • Year Of Publishing: 1968

  • Psychological, Classic


3. Black Girl in Paris by Shay Youngblood

Eden, an aspiring writer, is a 26-year old African-American bisexual woman who moves to Paris after finishing college. The book is a journey of music, art, race and sex as it explores Eden’s life in the city of love.

  • Publishers: Riverhead Books

  • Year Of Publishing: 2000

  • Bildungsroman


4. Corona by Bushra Rehman

This collection of linked short stories follows the journey of Razia Mirza. She is a bisexual Pakistani-American woman from a neighbourhood in Queens, NY, called Corona. The earlier tales in the collection explore the girl’s troubles in the tight-knit Muslim community of Corona. The later stories account for her travels across America after she is excommunicated by her community.

  • Publishers: Sibling Rivalry Press

  • Year Of Publishing: 2013

  • Dark Comedy


5. The Painted Crown by Megan Derr

Winner of the Bisexual Book Award, this fantasy book follows the journey of Prince Istari, the bisexual protagonist, who finds solace “in the form of Lord Teverem.”

  • Publishers: Less Than Three Press

  • Year Of Publishing: 2016

  • Romance, Fantasy


6. Everfair by Nisi Shawl

A neo-Victorian steampunk novel follows an alternate reality where Congo-people, colonised disastrously under the Belgians, learn about steam technology a bit earlier.

  • Publishers: Tor Books

  • Year Of Publishing: 2016

  • Sci-fi, Alternate History, Fantasy


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7. Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo and Me by Ellen Forney

This graphic novel by Ellen Forney is a beautiful and honest memoir about the struggle of an artist with a mental illness. It also addresses Forney’s bisexuality, something which has been mentioned explicitly in the book.

  • Publishers: Avery

  • Year Of Publishing: 2012

  • Graphic Novel, Autobiography


8. The Color Purple by Alice Walker

A masterpiece by Alice Walker. This classic must-read follows the journey of Celie, a bisexual African-American, as she navigates through life and many struggles, including an abusive childhood, and becomes her own person.

  • Publishers: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

  • Year Of Publishing: 1982

  • Epistolary, Classic


9. Hild: A Novel by Nicola Griffith

This fictionalised account of St Hild of Whitby, a Catholic Saint and the King’s youngest niece, portrays her as a bisexual woman. It follows the court politics of the time amidst a battle between Paganism and Christianity.

  • Publishers: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (US); Blackfriars Books (UK)

  • Year Of Publishing: 2013

  • Historical Fiction


That wraps it up. From fantasy to graphic novels, this list of books for bisexuals has got it all. The stories in these books are the ones that will stay with you all your life. Moreover, all these books can be found easily on almost every e-commerce site, including Kindle, Amazon, Flipkart and Google Play Books. So, what is the wait for? Pick ’em up soon! Happy Reading.

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