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Sarthak Mittal
  1. Nageshwar temple is also known as the Nagnath jyotirlinga.

  2. Nageshwar temple is located on the route between Gomati Dwarka and the Bait Dwarka Island on the coast of Saurashtra in Gujarat.

  3. This jyotirlinga holds a special power to protect from all types of poisons. people believed that the person who worships this jyotirlinga become free from all effect of poisons.

  4. According to Shiva Purana, once a demon named Daruka.he was very cruel and tortured the good peoples but he was the very big devotee of Lord Shiva.

  5. One day a girl named Supriya to go in the forest where the demon Daruka lived with their wife Daruki and Supriya was also the big devotee of Shiva while sailing his goods, Daruka asked Supriya to teach him a path of the devotion to Shiva.

  6. But Supriya refused to guide him because she knows he is a demon and he used the powers in a wrong way and he tortured more people because after gaining more powers he becomes more powerful.

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  7. And in the anger, Daruka started torturing Supriya but Supriya unmoved from here because she has faith in Lord Shiva she chants the mantra (OM NAMAH SHIVAY) and she knows Shiva saved her from Daruka.

  8. After seeing this the Lord Shiva pleased from her and appeared here to save her and killed the demon Daruka.

  9. Shiva also defeat all other demons and clear the forest from all demons and on the request of Supriya, Shiva situated there in the forest.

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