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Nandita Das: The Colourful And Underrated Filmmaker Of Indian Cinema

Nandita Das: The Colourful And Underrated Filmmaker Of Indian Cinema

Nandita Das

Hello, Cinephiles! Today, we will know the journey of a colourful filmmaker, Nandita Das, generally known for keeping social and political opinions.

1. Born in 1969 in Mumbai, but grew up in Delhi in an Odia Family, Nandita Das has been in the Film Industry for more than 20 years as an Actor, Director, Voice Over Artist.

Nandita Das has presented her artistic skills in more than ten languages.

Nandita Das

2. Nandita Das belongs to an Artistic Family, as her father, Jatin Das, is a Painter, and her mother, Varsha Das, is a Writer.

Jatin Das

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3. Before officially coming to the Indian Film Industry, Das Started her career with a street theatre group Jana Natya Manch.

Nandita Das has always given credit to her upbringing for her intellect and understanding. She has also remained grateful for Street theatre which she did during college.

Jana Natya Manch

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4. Nandita Das inaugurated her career as an actor in 1996 with Deepa Mehta’s Fire, followed by Earth (1998), Bawandar (2000), Aks (2001) and many more.

After trying her hands in acting, Das decided to work as Director.

Bawandar (2000)

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5. Das showed her direction skills in her debut movie Firaaq (2008), based on the 2002 Gujarat Riots, the film was then officially premiered at Toronto Film Festival.

Firaaq (2008)

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6. Das has only directed two films, Firaaq (2008) and Manto (2018) and both films premiered in Film Festivals.

Manto (2018)

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7. On several occasions, Nandita Das has dropped out from a film after saying yes to it, such as in Lagaan (2001) and Water (2005). Reasons for her sudden stepping back have remained unknown.

8. In 2014, Nandita was seen in a Spanish movie, Traces of Sandalwood, which was filmed by a mostly female crew.

Traces of Sandalwood

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9. The second directorial project of Nandita Das was Manto (2018). The movie is on the life of Saadat Hasan Manto. It was screened at the Cannes Film Festival as well.

Das has been part of more than 50 festivals, winning more than 20 awards.

10. Nandita Das was also awarded the l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres or Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Government for the development of Indo-French cooperation in the realm of Cinema in 2011.

11. Nandita Das has also served as a jury in Cannes Film Festival twice.

12. Nandita Das was also recruited into the International Hall of Fame in International Women’s Forum for her contribution to the arts and world as one of the most gripping Cinema Leaders of our time.

International Hall of Fame

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13. Das also works as a Voice Over Artist in various formats. She recited audiobook series Under The Banyan and Mahatama Gandhi’s Autobiography and also voiced characters in animated series like Wonder Pets.

Under The Banyan

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14. In 2019, Das also produced a two minute PSA Music Video named India’s Got Color. The Music Video was about colourism, racism and to celebrate the diversity of skin colour in India.

India's Got Color, Nandita Das produced video

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Nandita has always observed and remained sick of the stereotypes Bollywood does on racism.

So this was the story of Nandita Das in Indian Cinema. She is a very precious yet underrated personality in the Indian Film Industry.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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