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With Natural Sciences, Rise & Shine

With Natural Sciences, Rise & Shine

Natural Sciences

Natural sciences are like, “Maa meri shaktiyon ka sahi istemal ho raha hai…” The human race has evolved to its apex and continues to develop to bring the best of every resource. Natural sciences are like forever Saathi to human development. It is a branch of a big tree that deals with the description, experimentation, understanding and prediction of any natural phenomena, whether in the human body or an ecological environment. Natural science has its different forms. Some of you know them very well known as ‘PCB’…major nostalgia, right?

  1. Physics

“Please, do not start giving excuses on paper ki out of syllabus aaya tha.”

Physics is the elder daughter of natural science and keeps the ability to make you cry in seconds. So it is the study of principles derived from experimentation and direct observations. Physics is about heavy mathematical frameworks and equations. The most famous physics theories that bring revolution to the world are Issac Newton theory of gravity, Einstein theories of general relativity, quantum mechanics and many more.

Physics, Natural Sciences
  1. Chemistry

“Beta apni aur crush ki chemistry se bahar aao.”

Start focusing on the scientific study of matter known as chemistry, younger daughter of natural science, significant in every molecular, natural or inorganic transformation, compositions, reactions, and statistical properties. It explains the interaction between atoms and molecules, also known as ‘Central Science’ due to its tendency to connect with other natural sciences. Robert Boyle and Antoine Lavoisier are the two prime scientists who developed the vital concepts of chemistry.


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  1. Biology

We all had spent our tenth grade fascinating about the reproduction chapter, but bro, biology is much more than reproduction and sex! It is the third daughter of natural science that talks about the origin of living organisms, genetic features, formation, classification and behaviour. Biology keeps on trying to use the concepts of chemistry and physics (on cell building and cell formation). Biology has its kids named microbiology, cellular biology, zoology and botany.


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  1. Astronomy

“Chalo chand ke par chale,” astronomy made it possible to cross the moon, universe and any other planet. Most fascinating member of natural science that loves to explore new places and is more creative than others. Astronomy mainly has two types-observational astronomy and theoretical astronomy. Observational astronomy is about researching and acquiring data through principles of physics. Theoretical astronomy is about developing analytical models to explain astronomical objects and phenomena.

  1. Earth Science

One of the underrated members of natural science that consists of its own small family is Earth Science. It includes geology, geography, geochemistry, geophysics, hydrology, climatology and glaciology. Humans always seem to be interested in mining and extracting minerals leading to the exploration of earth science. Also, earth science is something crucial which as the petroleum industry is dependent on its principles.

Earth Science

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  1. Oceanography

Oceanography is a form of natural science that leads to specialisation in particular concepts of the ocean and parts. It studies the biological and physical aspects of ocean currents, waves and plate tectonics. It has various other branches such as biological, chemical, geological and physical oceanography.

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  1. Atmospheric Science

A form of natural science that deals with the study of atmospheric layers and components. This natural science needs different experimental instruments like satellites, lasers, weather balloons and radiosondes to predict the climate and weather. Atmospheric science helps one to know about weather forecasting and news. Climatology is an integral part of atmospheric sciences that define the average climate and atmosphere in the long term. So to know about ‘aaj mausam bada beimaan hai’ can be determined by only atmospheric science.

Natural Sciences, Atmospheric Science,

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So, now you are aware of different science forms that you can use in real life. Now, you can impress anyone out of your knowledge. Also, try to use these forms of natural sciences in real life. Then, you can find them so relatable and easy to understand.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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